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Have Mercy Debut Nostalgic And Catchy New Song “SIO (Spit It Out)”

Have Mercy Debut Nostalgic And Catchy New Song “SIO (Spit It Out)”


Baltimore emo band Have Mercy have shared another new single ahead of their forthcoming Self-Titled EP. Fans can check out “Spit It Out”, premiering now on FLOOD Magazine. The song serves as a follow up to “I’m Gonna Be Ok”, which both marked Have Mercy’s first releases since 2019. The band have recently made a comeback after supposedly calling it quits at the start of 2020, with a new EP incoming for eager fans awaiting.

This song feels more on the nostalgic side of the band, as you can hear influences from their counterparts in The Dangerous Summer all over this track. It took me straight back to 2009 with how catchy the chorus was, and how beautiful the guitar work compliments Brian Swindle’s easily distinguishable vocals. It’s a similar feeling to their 2019 single “Clair” and how easy to remember that melody was when that came out. This band is about to make a well-deserved comeback in a great way, and I hope people pay attention to how consistent they’ve always been throughout their career. 

Entering this new era, Have Mercy have made it a point not to make too many plans for the future – after all, they know all too well how easily those set-in-stone commitments can get upended. But they’re still excited about the future nonetheless, because whatever happens will happen on no one’s terms but their own, with all of the freedom but none of the pressure. Have Mercy, the band’s new self-titled EP, is set to be released on August 26th via ZODHIAC Records. To pre-save the EP, please visit https://orcd.co/havemercy.

Check out the singles “SIO (Spit It Out)” and “I’m Gonna Be OK” below. 

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