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Dayseeker Release Acoustic Album ‘Replica’

Dayseeker Release Acoustic Album ‘Replica’


Professionally writing this while not trying to cry to this passionate and soul searching of an album brought to us by Dayseeker.

The band released their acoustic album ‘Replica’ featuring some friends including Amber DaLaRosa on “Without Me”, Lucas Woodland on “Starving To Be Empty” and Caleb Shomo on “Burial Plot”.

‘Replica’ is a piece of art that is harmonized & written by a group of individuals that feel emotion. Rory Rodriguez sings out his heart and dives deeper with meaningful lyrics. The beautiful sounds that come from this album are unique and unimaginably some of the best from Dayseeker.

1. Sleeptalk (Acoustic)
2. Without Me (Acoustic) ft Amber DeLaRosa of Moxy The Band
3. Neon Grave (Acoustic)
4. Starving To Be Empty (Acoustic) ft Lucas Woodland of Holding Absence
5. Homesick (Acoustic)
6. Crying While You’re Dancing (Acoustic)
7. Burial Plot (Acoustic) ft Caleb Shomo of Beartooth
8. Drunk (Acoustic)
9. Afterglow (Acoustic)
10. My Immortal (Acoustic)