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For general questions or to find out how to advertise on our website, contact us at the link above.

If you are looking to submit your band to be featured on the Unsigned Spotlight, please join our discord by clicking the link above.


ALFREDO PRECIADO Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Filming   •   Cut Work of Live Videos   •   Photography
Management   •  Senior Editor

TYLER DUGONI Chief Operations Officer / Co-Founder

Filming   •   Color Grading of Live Videos
Branding   •  Graphic Design
Website Design & Development

MATT THOMAS Project Manager / Audio Director

Mixing and Mastering Audio for Live Performances

Alex Kaderabek Production Manager

Filming   •   Audio Capturing
Owner of BVTV

Sam Williams Videographer


RJ Jenco Videographer


Matthew Powers Writer

Putting the ‘Sikth’ in ‘Twenty-Six’. My pen has had ink for 7 years now. Dead all afficiendo.


LOCATION: Evansville, IN

GENRES COVERED: Metalcore, Post-hardcore, Metal, New Wave, Synthwave, Grunge.

Jillian Serene Writer • Playlist Curator

Alt/Indie princess and real life Powerpuff Girl. I have opinions.


LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA

GENRES COVERED: Alternative, Indie, Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop

Corey Jackson Writer

I like music, memes and meat-free meals. Alliteration too, apparently.


LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia

GENRES COVERED: Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Rock, Rap & Hip-Hop

Gina Lymberopoulos Writer

Never left my middle school emo phase | Lover of carhartt beanies & all things palm muted.


GENRES COVERED: Pop Punk, Emo, Metalcore, Indie, Alternative, Post-Hardcore, Hip-Hop, Pop

Yasmine Summan Writer

Just one queer, brown lady with a lot of opinions. My love language is 2010 crabby-metalcore

LOCATION: Birmingham, UK

GENRES COVERED: Metalcore, Hardcore, Alternative, Punk, Pop-Punk, Rock. ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎

Luis Rosales Sacramento, CA