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AVOID Release “B0RED” Visualizer

Austin Clifton

Insane high energy band AVOID have released a visualizer for their track “B0RED” from their latest record ‘Cult Mentality’. The video filmed by AVOID’s own guitarist Chris Echols showcasing a vintage concept of frontman Benny Scholl. The video emphasizes the mid summer vibes with distorted guitar and energetic drums. You can’t get enough from the […]

invent animate heavener review

REVIEW: Invent Animate Searches For Heaven(er) With New Album

Mateo Ottie

Invent Animate have always been missing something. They’ve always been one of the most consistent and strongest bands in their respective scene, but for whatever reason, they have never failed to fly under the radar. Their music has phenomenal shelf life, but at times, it can lack memorability. It’s an odd scenario to be in, […]