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Fencer Release New Single “Joseph Courtney”; Announce Self-Titled Debut Album

Tyler White

Los Angeles-based rock trio, Fencer, has officially released their newest single, “Joseph Courtney.” This is the second single from the group off their upcoming self-titled debut album, out on February 3, 2023. Continuing along the same sound of “Sanitarium,” the trio dives deeper into their unique style.  “Joseph Courtney” features a driving, bluesy rock feel that […]

avoid review thumb

REVIEW: AVOID – ‘Cult Mentality’

Mateo Ottie

It’s no secret that metalcore tends to be a very serious genre. With lyrical tropes surrounding mental health issues and grief, It’s a genre that provides catharsis for many. Even its most watered-down and mainstream contemporaries have made an impact on their fans who are struggling with these topics. There is a place for this […]