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‘The Covers Only Tour’ Featuring Our Last Night, Broadside, and Normandie – Sacramento, CA – 4.23.24

‘The Covers Only Tour’ Featuring Our Last Night, Broadside, and Normandie – Sacramento, CA – 4.23.24


On April 23, 2024, a packed house at Ace Of Spades in Sacramento, CA eagerly awaited a night of music magic. The lineup was stacked with Normandie, Broadside, and headliners Our Last Night for the ‘Covers Only Tour’.

Normandie kicked the night off with an absolutely fire set list. Having become a fan of theirs during the Dark Times (aka the ol’ pandemic), I was excited to finally experience the band that I’ve had on heavy rotation for the last few years. They opened the set “Serotonin” off their latest record ‘Dopamine’. The seven song set list felt short, but did span most of their discography including performances of “Holy Water”, “Flowers For The Grave”, my personal favorite “Babylon”, “Blood In The Water”, “Hostage”, and set closer “White Flag”. Perhaps my favorite part throughout the set was seeing and hearing how well these songs sounded live in comparison to the album versions. Frontman Philip Strand was flawless with his delivery and instrumentally, the band as a whole sounded perfect. I haven’t been so satisfied by an opening act’s performance in a while, and it assured to me that Normandie are poised to be a big deal in the coming years.

Next up was Broadside. Similar to Normandie, I became a fan of theirs just in the last few years. Though I’ve always been aware of their more popular tracks, it wasn’t until 2020’s ‘Into The Raging Sea’ when I truly understood. I only fell more in love with this band after 2023’s ‘Hotel Bleu’ album and I’ve been hooked on this band since. Opening with a couple of their older tracks in “Heavenly” and “Coffee Talk”, Broadside took the stage. The band then transitioned into playing four consecutive tracks off their latest record in “Stranger”, “Dazed & Confused”, “One Last Time”, and “Cruel”. In addition to frontman Oliver Baxxter being a killer vocalist, his way of interacting with the crowd is something to be recognized. His crowd control and subtle bits of humor sprinkled throughout the 40 minute set made the performance even more entertaining than it already was. Broadside‘s back half of the set included performances for “King Of Nothing”, “Laps Around A Picture Frame”, “The Raging Sea”, and “Foolish Believer”. The perfect way to get the crowd warmed up for the night’s headliners…

Capping off the night was Our Last Night. The band has garnered quite the reputation over the years with the high volume of cover songs they’ve released. Capitalizing on this, Our Last Night created the ‘Covers Only Tour’ performing exactly that — covers only. The set was visually stunning from start to finish. Not only did Our Last Night deliver musically, but their stage production was also top-notch. The lights and visual effects added an extra layer of excitement to the performance, making it a feast for the eyes as well as the ears. Their 16 song set list covered (haha) a lot of the band’s most popular covers. A couple of my favorite moments were when the band perform their hit Katy Perry cover of “Dark Horse”. Definitely something I never thought I’d hear live again.

In the end, it was a concert to remember, with Our Last Night proving once again why they’re one of the hottest acts in rock. From their killer covers to their incredible stage presence, they left Sacramento wanting more.

Check out the full photo gallery of the performance below. Photos by photographer Alfredo Preciado (Instagram).



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