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I love movies just as much as I love music.

REVIEW: Between You & Me Delivers Pure, Fun Summer Vibe Pop-Punk On EP ‘SH!T YEAH’

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Australian pop-punk underdogs Between You & Me have released their brand new EP titled ‘SH!T YEAH’. This mark’s the band’s first release since 2021’s sophomore record ‘Armageddon’. They’ve since parted ways with their former label Hopeless Records, and this mark’s the band’s first independent release. This release dives into pop-punk, pop rock, and similar vibes […]

REVIEW: Alpha Wolf Grows Further And Offers Pure Adrenaline Metalcore With ‘Half Living Things’

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Australian metalcore front runners Alpha Wolf have returned with their third full-length record, with ‘Half Living Things’. This marks their first full-length release since 2020’s ‘A Quiet Place to Die’. This record dives into a little new territory, such as nu-metal and the band refining what people love about their band to begin with and […]

REVIEW: Sum 41 Offers Very Solid Final Album ‘Heaven :x: Hell’ To Bid Farewell

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Pop-punk legends and veterans Sum 41 have dropped their final record, ‘Heaven :x: Hell’, after announcing their breakup last year. The record dives into the two sounds that have made this band iconic and stand apart from their peers for so many years. ‘Heaven’ dives back into their pop-punk roots, while ‘Hell’ dives into their […]

REVIEW: Too Close To Touch Share Emotions One Last Time With Their Final Release ‘For Keeps’

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Kentucky based post-hardcore band Too Close to Touch have delivered us their third and final record with ‘For Keeps’. This marks their first release since their ‘I’m Hard to Love, But So Are You’ EP’s from 2019 to 2020. It also marks their final release (as far as we know), after the unfortunate passing of […]

nothing,nowhere Plays To His Strengths After Going Independent With ‘Dark Magic’ (Review)

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Vermont-based alternative rapper nothing,nowhere. has dropped his sixth full-length record, titled ‘Dark Magic’. This is his first independent record since his debut record in 2015; he was most recently on Fueled By Ramen from 2018-2023. It’s also following 2023’s ‘Void Eternal’, which had more of a metal influence. This record explores some light familiar lyrical […]

Neck Deep Returns To Their Energetic Pop-Punk Roots With Self-Titled Album (Review)

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Welsh pop-punk legends in Neck Deep have released their fifth full-length record, which is self-titled. It marks their first album since 2020’s ‘All Distortions Are Intentional’. It’s also noted this is the first Neck Deep album that bassist (and producer of the record) Seb Barlow is featured on bass, as well as drummer Matt Powles […]

10 Pop-Punk Bands We Expect To Hear From This Year

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The new year has just started and there’s plenty of new music on the horizon, but I’m sure a genre such as pop-punk will thrive this year. 2023 was a light year when it comes to the genre, it had some banger records but I have a feeling 2024 will be even better for it. […]

REVIEW: Youth Fountain Delivers On Gut-Punching Lyrics And Endless Melodies With ‘Together In Lonesome’

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Canadian one-piece band Youth Fountain has dropped their third full-length record, titled ‘Together In Lonesome’. This marks their first full-length since 2021’s ‘Keepsakes & Reminders’, which was one of my favorite records from that year. The band is comprised of sole member, Tyler Zanon, to deliver heavy lyrics and upbeat instrumentals and melodies to accompany […]

REVIEW: Of Virtue Offers Solid Melodies And Breakdowns With ‘Omen’

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Michigan natives Of Virtue have dropped their long-awaited fifth album entitled, ‘Omen’. This marks their first full-length since 2019’s ‘What Defines You’. The record explores mental health, addiction, and similar topics backed up by wild melodies and pretty decent breakdowns. And what you’ll come to find is there’s more to this record than what you’d […]

REVIEW: Blink-182 Return To Their Roots For A Wildly Solid Record With ‘One More Time…’

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The pop-punk veterans and kings, Blink-182, have returned with their most anticipated and awaited record to date with ‘One More Time…’. This record marks their first record back with founding member Tom DeLonge since 2011’s ‘Neighborhoods’. The long awaited comeback of the three amigos in the form of an album has been so eagerly awaited […]