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I love movies just as much as I love music.

REVIEW: Youth Fountain Delivers On Gut-Punching Lyrics And Endless Melodies With ‘Together In Lonesome’

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Canadian one-piece band Youth Fountain has dropped their third full-length record, titled ‘Together In Lonesome’. This marks their first full-length since 2021’s ‘Keepsakes & Reminders’, which was one of my favorite records from that year. The band is comprised of sole member, Tyler Zanon, to deliver heavy lyrics and upbeat instrumentals and melodies to accompany […]

REVIEW: Of Virtue Offers Solid Melodies And Breakdowns With ‘Omen’

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Michigan natives Of Virtue have dropped their long-awaited fifth album entitled, ‘Omen’. This marks their first full-length since 2019’s ‘What Defines You’. The record explores mental health, addiction, and similar topics backed up by wild melodies and pretty decent breakdowns. And what you’ll come to find is there’s more to this record than what you’d […]

REVIEW: Blink-182 Return To Their Roots For A Wildly Solid Record With ‘One More Time…’

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The pop-punk veterans and kings, Blink-182, have returned with their most anticipated and awaited record to date with ‘One More Time…’. This record marks their first record back with founding member Tom DeLonge since 2011’s ‘Neighborhoods’. The long awaited comeback of the three amigos in the form of an album has been so eagerly awaited […]

Idle Mind Release Chuggy And Spankin’ New Single With “Survive”

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Coming straight out of Reno, Nevada, new metalcore patrons Idle Mind have dropped a brand new track with “Survive”. This marks their first release since singles “In Hopes We Meet Again” and “Shallow Graves” earlier this year. This band is pretty under the radar and I’d recommend this band to anyone who enjoys I See […]

REVIEW: Koyo Aims For Top Record In Their Genre This Year With ‘Would You Miss It?’

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Long Island punk rockers Koyo have dropped their first full-length album ‘Would You Miss It?’. This marks their first release since the band’s ‘Call It Off’ EP from last year. They’ve been a band that has been on the rise within the scene, whether it be pop-punk or hardcore. This band shares elements of both […]

REVIEW: Hot Milk Makes Their Eclectic Mark On The Scene With ‘A Call To The Void’

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Manchester rockin’ newcomers Hot Milk have released their debut album, ‘A Call to the Void’. This marks their first release since last year’s ‘The King and Queen of Gasoline’ EP. This band has released numerous EP’s and singles years prior to finally releasing their first ever full-length, and it beautifully shows all the sides of […]

REVIEW: ‘No Joy’ By Spanish Love Songs Delivers On Heavy Emotion And Progression

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LA emo rockers Spanish Love Songs have returned with their third studio album, ‘No Joy’; their first release since 2022’s ‘Brave Faces Etc.’ and 2020’s ‘Brave Faces Everyone’. This record shows a lot of progression with this band and tackles a lot of similar topics and themes lyrically that the band is known for. It […]

REVIEW: Bearings Bust Out Their Most Consistent, Summer-High, Fun Record Yet With ‘The Best Part About Being Human’

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Canadian punk rockers Bearings have returned with their third full-length record with ‘The Best Part About Being Human’. This marks their first full release since 2020’s ‘Hello, It’s You’. This record also shows more of a return to form; going back to their roots but still willing to progress and incorporate elements from the last […]

REVIEW: Movements Continue To Grow And Impress On All Sides With ‘RUCKUS!’

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Southern California emo kings Movements are back with their third full-length record, entitled ‘RUCKUS!’. This marks their first full release since 2020’s ‘No Good Left to Give’ and 2022 singles “Barbed Wire Body” and “Cherry Thrill”.  This new record really takes the vibes of those two singles and goes even further with the ten tracks […]

DEADNERVE Brings The Insanity To Deathcore With “Volatile [WASTE]”

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Brisbane, Australia newcomers DEADNERVE have come out swinging with a new single premiering here on CaliberTV, “Volatile [WASTE]”. This marks their first release of a single since 2021’s “ICEMAN”, just a couple years prior to this new single. It’s important to note there may be more to come after this single.  With fuel-induced riffs and […]