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REVIEW: Youth Fountain Delivers On Gut-Punching Lyrics And Endless Melodies With ‘Together In Lonesome’ 8

REVIEW: Youth Fountain Delivers On Gut-Punching Lyrics And Endless Melodies With ‘Together In Lonesome’


Canadian one-piece band Youth Fountain has dropped their third full-length record, titled ‘Together In Lonesome’. This marks their first full-length since 2021’s ‘Keepsakes & Reminders’, which was one of my favorite records from that year. The band is comprised of sole member, Tyler Zanon, to deliver heavy lyrics and upbeat instrumentals and melodies to accompany them. And this record is full of just that, pop-punk and emo vibes for everyone to jam out and cry over. The record dives into such topics as depression, heartbreak, and intrusive thoughts to carry this record from front to back. 

The record starts off with an intro track leading into it’s second track, with “What Tomorrow Brings” and “Requiem”. I appreciate the trend started off by Youth Fountain from day one to have an intro track and a second song with it on their records, basically comprising as one full song. These songs instantly have 90’s vibes all over them, with solid verses to build up that massive chorus. The background ooo’s in the second and last chorus really make this one feel nostalgic too, and it won’t be the last time we hear that on the album. We follow up with the first single off the album, with “Fallen Short”. This one honestly isn’t one of my favorites from here, since the chorus leaves a little to be desired especially with it being a single. But it’s still solid overall, as it gives off that nostalgic pop-punk vibe and lyrics reminiscent that of 2010 in the same genre. The next track sees the other side of it though, with “Identical Days”.  This one feels very in line with the record prior to this, and I’m glad they put this one out as a single since it deserves to be. The chorus is absolutely boppin’, and the song in general reminds me of someone like Senses Fail and feels very of that era starting with that intro. Zanon‘s guitar part during the bridge feels very distinct and something new for this band I feel like, and the double time during the last chorus is always a nice touch. This one is an easy highlight off this entire record, and one sure to be on repeat this fall. 

We jump to the fifth track with “Twin Flame”, and starts off with a bangin’ opening riff. The vibe from the last track is followed up with nicely here with another bouncy chorus, Youth Fountain have done a great job with choruses in general I feel like. The contrast between the verses and the choruses feels really nice on this track for some reason. This is for sure another highlight from this record for me, one I’m sure will get plenty of plays to come. We reach the end of the first half of this record with the second and best single for me, with “Roses In My Backpack”. It’s comprised of such fun, summer vibe instrumentals and insanely grim lyrics. The part in the chorus during “hang myself on the tallest tree” is such a sick addition to me, and the halftime during the final chorus is something I’ll always be a sucker for. I’d be surprised if people don’t gravitate towards this one when it comes to the album as a whole. We’re followed up with the fourth and final single from this record, with “Clarity”. It’s comprised of pretty solid verses and a decent chorus I feel like. I’d also wanna give a shoutout to the lyric during the chorus, “Been stuck in a body with too many flaws. I feel like Zanon has such a specific cadence to his lyrics overall that feel reminiscent to the way Brendan Murphy from Counterparts writes his lyrics in a similar sort of fashion when they’re as dark as can be. The record continues on with another highlight with “A Few Notes For Orpheus”. Right off the bat, we’re hit with a midwestern emo kind of riff and the song in general reminds me of someone like Arm’s Length. The chorus to this one is sung by Zanon in a lower register, and this is definitely one of the examples where less is more in a song like this. I feel like a choice like this is important for what’s best for the song in the long run and I applaud when bands make the choice for a song like this, which is why I feel it sticks out in a great way. 

We’re on the final stretch of the record, starting off with a nice little acoustic ballad with “Patterns”. Everything about this song feels really easy to listen to, and pretty in a way even if the lyrics are pretty grim. I really wanna give a shout to the lyric in the first verse, “Can I find the beauty in the person I was or choose to live another day simply just because?”. This song in general is a standout lyrically, maybe the best on this whole record honestly. Zanon‘s really got it down when it comes to lyrics, he’s one of the better ones in the genre today I feel like. One thing I should note is the chorus is so nice to listen to, that I feel like the song could’ve used one more of it. We pick back up the energy with “Haiku”, which has some of that throwback pop-punk energy like before. The two things on here that stick out for me is one, the emotion comes through vocally in the bridge I would say the most it has on this whole album. And two, the fade out at the end of the song is something this band doesn’t do often but it fits nicely here. We jump to “Breakneck Pace”, which very much lives up to its name as we start off with an immediate punk beat. The chorus to this one too is another example of the “less is more” thing I said before and it makes this another highlight off the record as well. Also shoutout to the lyric, “There’s not an ounce of good left in me”. Even I know that’s a direct reference to Senses Fail‘s “Calling All Cars” and it’s a nice shout there. The background guitar during the chorus is a good call too, really adds to the nostalgia factor some of the songs on this album present. We reach the final song on the record, with the title track in “Together In Lonesome”. This one also really reminds me of Arm’s Length, you can definitely tell they’re influenced by them or at least they listen to them. It feels really nice as a closing track to this album, and it’s also one of the more memorable ones. The acoustic intro and outro make this song feel special and it’s a nice little bow to end this record. 

So in conclusion, ‘Together In Lonesome’ is a truly solid addition to Youth Fountain‘s discography and it’s one I hope people give a chance to since they’re easily one of the more underrated bands from the scene. It may lack some of the raw and emotional nature from the previous record, but it makes up for it in its lyrics and insanely catchy melodies delivered throughout the album. If you’re a fan of any sort of pop-punk or emo in general, I’d recommend this record and this band wholeheartedly to give a listen. 

Check out the video for “Clarity” below. 



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