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10 Pop-Punk Bands We Expect To Hear From This Year

10 Pop-Punk Bands We Expect To Hear From This Year


The new year has just started and there’s plenty of new music on the horizon, but I’m sure a genre such as pop-punk will thrive this year. 2023 was a light year when it comes to the genre, it had some banger records but I have a feeling 2024 will be even better for it. So here’s ten bands in pop-punk confirmed or expected to release a new record, or new music in general for our lord and savior 2024.

Neck Deep

The first and only band at this time confirmed releasing a new record is pop-punk staples Neck Deep. They’ve returned to their roots with their new music and looking to keep the genre alive with their self-titled record, which drops January 19th. They’ve been consistent on the quality of their singles, such as ones like “Take Me with You”, “We Need More Bricks”, “It Won’t Be Like This Forever”, and “Heartbreak of the Century”. And I’m certain the rest of the album will deliver with the goods, possibly making it a true return to form since 2015’s ‘Life’s Not Out to Get You’.

The Story So Far

It’s been over five years since The Story So Far have dropped a new record, since 2018’s ‘Proper Dose’. We got a little taste of what’s to come with their single from last year, “Big Blind”. The track feels like a mix of the last record and their classic staple sound. If that’s an indication of how the new record’s gonna sound, then I think we’re in for a hell of a return for who’s possibly the most influential band in the modern era of pop-punk. Lead singer Parker Cannon has been keeping fans fed with his pop-punk side project with No Pressure, but we’re ready for a new era and album from TSSF.

Between You & Me

Between You & Me are one of the true underdogs right now when it comes to pop-punk, even pushing some of the boundaries past the genre and keeping it fun overall. Their last record ‘Armageddon’ and the two most recent singles with “Nevermind” and “YEAH!” have the hype coming for them to bust out a whole new record with ultimate summer jams and pop-hooked choruses. They scratch that itch for me when a band such as Seaway is nowhere to be found, catch the Aussies in Between You & Me breaking out even more in 2024.

Stand Atlantic

Speaking of pushing the boundaries past pop-punk, the Aussie legends in Stand Atlantic are expected to drop more new music after releasing wild singles in 2023 with “kill[h]er” and “SEX ON THE BEACH”. This band has originated in the genre but looking to experiment further and I was a big fan of 2022’s ‘f.e.a.r.’, so I’m looking forward to see what this band has to offer next.

Mayday Parade

A scene veteran band like Mayday Parade have been on a constant run of just putting out incredibly solid music for a long time, maybe even their whole career. 2021’s ‘What It Means to Fall Apart’ was a real solid point in this band’s career, showing they still got it. The singles from last year such as “More Like a Crash”, “Got Me All Wrong”, and “Miracle” are even more of testament to that sentiment. So if this is what a new album is gonna sound like, then we’re in for another awesome outing for this band. 

Real Friends

Another staple in the modern era of pop-punk, Real Friends have been on a constant grind with touring and releasing new music since new vocalist Cody Muraro joined back in 2021. They’ve released two EP’s since then and are overdue for a new full-length, looking to be this year. Judging from most recent single “When You Were Here” and the most recent EP with ‘There’s Nothing Worse Than Too Late’, this band proves to still have hits and the emotion hitting with their music and a new album would really bring it full circle.

Yours Truly

Back with some Aussies, it’s been almost four years since a full-length and almost two years since an EP for Yours Truly. I loved their first record ‘Self Care’ back in 2020 and thoroughly enjoyed 2022’s ‘is this what i look like?’, so a new record from this band would be something fierce. They’ve been one of my favorite underrated bands in this genre for a few years now, and should be on more tours overall. Their last release dipped into some different territory for them with more mainstream sounds, but still keeping their identity in tact so I’m looking forward to hearing that on the next record.

Four Year Strong

One of the quieter staple bands in the genre, Four Year Strong is expected to release new music especially after releasing the single with “Dead End Friend”. This band hasn’t released a new record since 2020’s ‘Brain Pain’, and we’re due for more heavy pop-punk in our lives. Easycore is a sub-genre of pop-punk that I hope lives on as long as it possibly can, and a band like Four Year Strong has always scratched that itch for me no matter what.

In Her Own Words

In Her Own Words is possibly the most underrated band in this scene for me, especially in pop-punk. Vocalist Joey Fleming is easily the most overqualified singer in this genre, and it makes this band so damn special. It’s been almost two years since they dropped their record, “Distance or Decay”, and we’re due for more melodic ass pop-punk delivered in a genuine manner every time.

State Champs

Easily my most anticipated on this list, State Champs have been the most consistent band in the pop-punk for me when it comes to the quality of the music. 2022’s ‘Kings of the New Age’ really set in stone that this staple band are really masters at what they do, keeping it fun and catchy at every turn. Vocalist Derek Discanio confirmed the other day there will be a new State Champs album this year, and it’s going to be glorious. 

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