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I make loud guitar noises and have unpopular opinions. If it’s underground alternative or progressive metal, I probably like it.

REVIEW: AVOID – ‘Cult Mentality’

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It’s no secret that metalcore tends to be a very serious genre. With lyrical tropes surrounding mental health issues and grief, It’s a genre that provides catharsis for many. Even its most watered-down and mainstream contemporaries have made an impact on their fans who are struggling with these topics. There is a place for this […]

REVIEW: The Gloom In The Corner Unleash Unholy Fury on ‘Trinity’

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The Gloom In The Corner is an intriguing band, to say the least. The Australian metalcore act steeps their music in cinematic concepts, with each of their releases telling a cohesive and connected story drenched in lore. The band dubs themselves as a “Cinemacore” band, a label that serves as a fitting description of what […]

REVIEW: Boston Manor – ‘Datura’

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Boston Manor has been on quite the evolution since their debut album ‘Be Nothing.’ came out in 2016, to say the least.  The UK outfit’s first shift was quickly moving away from their pop-punk beginnings in exchange for a moody brand of explosive alternative rock on their breakthrough ‘Welcome To The Neighbourhood’. This move was […]

REVIEW: The Devil Wears Prada – ‘Color Decay’

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Constantly reinventing themselves and subverting expectations, The Devil Wears Prada has grown significantly in their 17-year existence. Originally a Myspacecore starter pack band with song titles like “Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over”, they’ve come a long way from their roots, maturing into one of the most artistic-minded and serious acts in the genre. Their […]

The Gloom In The Corner Releases New Single Featuring Taylor Barber of Left To Suffer

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Australian metalcore outfit The Gloom In The Corner dropped a brutal new single and music video titled “New Order” today. The song is the third taste we have received of their upcoming new album ‘Trinity’, which releases October 28th via Sharptone Records. The anthemic track reinvents the band’s sound entirely, combining the dense storytelling and […]

REVIEW: Alpha Wolf / Holding Absence – ‘The Lost & The Longing’ Split EP

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Two of the scene’s biggest breakout acts of the past few years, Alpha Wolf and Holding Absence have released a brand new split EP ‘The Lost & The Longing’, featuring new standalone tracks from each artist alongside two new collaborative tracks starring guest vocals from both bands. On paper, Alpha Wolf’s raging nu-metalcore sound and […]

REVIEW: Norma Jean – ‘Deathrattle Sing For Me’

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One of the most consistent and tenured bands in metalcore, Norma Jean are back with their first album in 3 years, ‘Deathrattle Sing For Me’. The band’s consistency is almost anomalous for an outfit that has a revolving door of lineup changes, with ‘DSFM’ being the latest in a string of incredibly strong records since […]

Metalcore Act Sindria Premiere New Single “The Chapel” (Track Analysis)

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New metalcore outfit Sindria have released their brand new single “The Chapel”, alongside a music video that is premiering now exclusively via CaliberTV’s YouTube Channel. The band delivers a fresh take on the modern metalcore sound with the new track, invoking the likes of Sleep Token and Dayseeker with emotive and passionate vocals over ambient […]

The Gloom In The Corner Sign With Sharptone Records, Drop Single “Ronin”, Announce New Album

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Newly-signed up-and-coming Australian metalcore outfit The Gloom In The Corner have announced their sophomore album ‘Trinity‘, which releases October 28th via Sharptone Records. Dubbing themselves a “Cinema-core” band, The Gloom In The Corner steeps their music in cinematic concepts, with their releases telling a cohesive and connected story following a deep lore. ‘Trinity‘ is no […]

Kutless Releases 20th Anniversary EP Featuring Re-Recorded Versions Of Classic Hits

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Northwestern post-grunge outfit Kutless are celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band with the release of their new EP ‘Twenty‘, which features reimagined and re-recorded versions of some of their early 2000s hits from their debut self-titled album. Among the tracks revisited for the EP are the fan-favorites “Your Touch“, “Run“, and “Tonight“, which have […]