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I make loud guitar noises and have unpopular opinions. If it’s underground alternative or progressive metal, I probably like it.

REVIEW: Holding Absence Learns ‘The Noble Art Of Self Destruction’

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Imperfections are a part of life. Despite this being an obvious observation, many people (especially perfectionists such as myself) struggle with this fact. If even the tiniest little minuscule detail doesn’t pan out as envisioned in the “perfect” plan, it will nag at me till I at least attempt to do something about it. However, […]

No Life Unleash Destructive New Single “Puke” (Track Analysis)

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Like your metal with a taste of absolute chaos? Well, you’re in for a treat. The rising ‘pisscore’ outfit No Life just dropped a completely devastating new single titled “Puke” that sounds as disgusting as the title suggests. The track is 3 minutes and 25 seconds of pure wrath and fury, smacking the listener in […]

PREMIERE: Coma Waves Release Music Video For “Numb & Ache”

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Nu-Grunge outfit Coma Waves have released the music video for their latest single “Numb & Ache”. The single is off of their debut album ‘Coming To Your Senses’, which released last week. “Numb & Ache” is the mid-tempo ballad of the record, a bit more on the rock side rather than the heavier, more metallic-edge […]

Bring Me The Horizon + Babymetal Make Guest Appearances on Lil Uzi Vert’s New Album ‘Pink Tape’

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Scene legends Bring Me The Horizon and BABYMETAL are BOTH featured on the new Lil Uzi Vert album that dropped today, titled ‘Pink Tape’. BABYMETAL lends their vocal (and instrumental) talents to the album’s aptly-titled closing track, “The End”, while Bring Me The Horizon takes charge on the metallic “Werewolf”. This comes just four weeks after […]

No Life Release Seething New Single “Knives Edge”

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New Zealand ‘pisscore’ outfit No Life have released a pulverizing new single titled “Knives Edge“. The track is one of the heaviest releases of the year thus far, clocking in at 3 minutes and 16 seconds worth of nonstop aggression and relentless brutality. The band’s anger however is a rightful anger, taking a stand against […]

PREMIERE: Saltwound Unleash Devastation On “The Company You Keep”

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The new kings of Sacramento, Saltwound have returned with their first single in over a year, titled “The Company You Keep“. With downtempo deathcore breakdowns and the slogan “NORCAL VIOLENCE” to match, the band is the epitome of “pissedcore”, and the new track is no exception. Vocalist Spencer Timmons delivers a devastating range of growls […]

REVIEW: Sleep Token – ‘Take Me Back To Eden’

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Shrouded in complete anonymity, Sleep Token’s identity often lies in their robes and distinct masks. There’s even a deep lore surrounding the band’s characters and their cult-like imagery for those who are into that, however, to me, this isn’t what defines the band. Sleep Token are rather defined by contradictions, led by heavenly R&B-esque vocals […]

NVTURES GHØST Knows “Who You Are” On New Single

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Sacramento hard rock duo NVTURES GHØST released their new single “Who You Are” this past week with a dark atmosphere and an anthemic chorus. With a electronic rock sound comparable to the likes of Palisades and Linkin Park, “Who You Are” blends loud distorted guitars with underlying synths to give it an aggressive edge, while still […]

Bring Me The Horizon Feels “LosT” On New Single

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Scene kings Bring Me The Horizon have returned with their new single and music video “LosT”. A slick blend of 2000s emo & hyperpop, the song boasts an incredibly catchy sing-along chorus and continues to innovate the band’s constantly evolving sound. The track is the third single BMTH has released in the past three years, […]

Maraluna Drop New Single “Buried”

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Aspiring metalcore outfit Maraluna dropped their sophomore single “Buried“ this weekend, bursting with creativity and a fresh sound that will be sure to appeal to fans of the genre both new and old. For those unaware, Maraluna’s sound feels reminiscent at times of Dayseeker and Issues, with 80’s atmospheric synths, djent-y riffs, rap verses, and […]