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No Life Unleash Destructive New Single “Puke” (Track Analysis)

No Life Unleash Destructive New Single “Puke” (Track Analysis)


Like your metal with a taste of absolute chaos? Well, you’re in for a treat. The rising ‘pisscore’ outfit No Life just dropped a completely devastating new single titled “Puke” that sounds as disgusting as the title suggests. The track is 3 minutes and 25 seconds of pure wrath and fury, smacking the listener in the face with relentless brutality and demolishing breakdowns.

The single is the second track taken from the band’s newly released ‘Delinquent’ EP and follows previous single “Knives Edge”, which dropped last month. While both are destructive and heavy in nature, “Puke” amps the aggression up to eleven, crafting one of the most pissed-off and heaviest cuts released this year by any band in the scene both instrumentally and lyrically. Both singles show No Life‘s not afraid of tackling heavy themes in a brutally honest fashion, with “Puke” discussing the effects of childhood trauma caused by parental neglect, and how how it led to addiction and mental health struggles. Vocalist Connor Dickson expanded upon the track,

“‘Puke’ is quite a complicated one, in my mania and unresolved heart I set out to cause destruction in my own life and unfortunately picked up my own drug & alcohol addiction. I would be broke with no money but still somehow find a way to get on it on the weekends. I would have fits of paranoia and would lash out at those closest to me, so I wanted to write a song to acknowledge just how much of a piece of shit I was at that time.”

You can catch the visceral and chaotic official video for “Puke” premiering now exclusively on BVTV Music. Watch the video below.

‘Delinquent’ EP Track List:
1. The Lies We Tell Ourselves
2. Look Inside
3. Knives Edge
4. Puke (Feat. Plague of the Fallen)
5. Snake Eyes
6. Alone


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