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Indie/pop princess and real life Powerpuff Girl. Finds intrigue in ambient soundscapes, vulnerability, and conviction.

First Impressions Of Sunspear’s Debut Self-Titled Album

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California metalcore ensemble Sunspear are releasing their self-titled album tomorrow, March 1. ‘Sunspear’ boasts 10 tracks and collaborations with artists including Left To Suffer and Nik Nocturnal. Beginning with one of the most easy-to-like riffs, “Purgatory” introduces itself as a song made for rock and metalcore listening rotations. This is the range that’s about to […]

NAMELESS Release New Single “Promise”

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With a sense of adventure and a hopeful spirit, Nameless put a twist on pop punk with their latest single “Promise”. The track follows the trio’s release of their debut, “Over You”, this past September. A few notes on an acoustic guitar introduce the song and frontman Matt Priscilla looks inward and speaks to the […]

Chateaux Noir Release New Single “Too Sensitive”

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A cocktail of radio-friendly choruses, groovy guitars, and atmosphere-enhancing synths are the heart of Chateaux Noir‘s sound. The indie pop brainchild of vocalist Jon Benward and multi-instrumentalist Devin Chance pays tribute to humble beginnings and the rebellious desire to not be defined by specific creative comfort zones. Following the release of debut track “Love You […]

NAMELESS Release Music Video For New Single “Over You” (Track Analysis)

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An accessible sound and candid one-liners capture the essence of Nameless’ pensive pop-rock stylings. The Las Vegas Trio [Matt Priscilla – vocals, Christian Hill – guitar, Esteban Rules – guitar] make their debut with “Over You”, a cordial vent about the aftermath of a breakup. Featuring performance footage and snippets of Priscilla’s isolated self-reflection in […]

Dark Signal Release Brand New EP ‘Volume 1’; Release “The Only Monster” Music Video

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Emotion is a powerful catalyst for the intricacies heard throughout Dark Signal’s refined blend of thunderous rhythms, memorable hooks, and strong melodies. With a passionate whirlwind of synergy, the California rock ensemble— Logan Gameson [vocals, drums], Jonny Reeves (ex-Kingdom of Giants) [bass, vocals], David Ricco [guitar], Dave Gorman [guitar], and Matt Thomas (Ashtone Audio) [baritone […]

REVIEW: Crown The Empire – ‘DOGMA’

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It’s fairly obvious Crown The Empire have evolved from the theatrical twist they put on metalcore about a decade ago. The ‘Retrograde’ era marked the beginning of a divisive, yet necessary stylistic overhaul, with following releases affirming the band’s confidence in presenting a modernised sound that stresses the importance of a melody and blurs a […]

Dead Lakes Find Their Best Selves & Sound On Debut LP ‘daydreamer’ (REVIEW)

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You may have heard the name Dead Lakes in the last few years when the ‘New Language’ EP felt like a refreshing topic in the scope of alternative music releases; you may have come across a music commentator reacting to a song on YouTube. For others, the Washington-based quartet’s debut album ‘daydreamer’ releasing tomorrow very […]

LIVE: Dayseeker Performs “Starving To Be Empty” With Lucas Woodland Of Holding Absence – The ‘Sleeptalk’ Tour

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With touching lyrics backed by soundscapes that delicately balance ambient and heavy, the emotion in Dayseeker’s music mirrors the band’s commitment to wearing their hearts on their sleeves with strength and grace. At the Roseville, CA date of The ‘Sleeptalk’ Tour, Holding Absence’s own Lucas Woodland makes a guest appearance to perform “Starving To Be […]

LIVE: Dayseeker “Neon Grave” LIVE From The Sleeptalk Tour

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In the realm of post-hardcore, Southern California’s Dayseeker bring a refreshing mix of melodies and elements to accompany many of the deeply personal stories shared within their lyrics to their listeners. On “Neon Grave”, frontman Rory Rodriguez opens up about his grief and yearning for reunion with poise and gives a new edge to the […]

PREMIERE: DEFICIT Unleash Music Video For New Single “Death Prize” (Track Analysis)

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Australia’s DEFICIT are finding a shred of certainty in the unknown with their latest single “Death Prize”, premiering exclusively on CaliberTV. Pounding drums, an erratic beginning riff, and warped spoken words introduce the cathartic scream into the void that follows, immediately making “Death Prize” known as the metalcore quartet’s abrupt shift from candid to cryptic. […]