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No Life Release Seething New Single “Knives Edge”

No Life Release Seething New Single “Knives Edge”


New Zealand ‘pisscore’ outfit No Life have released a pulverizing new single titled “Knives Edge“. The track is one of the heaviest releases of the year thus far, clocking in at 3 minutes and 16 seconds worth of nonstop aggression and relentless brutality. The band’s anger however is a rightful anger, taking a stand against substance abuse, as vocalist Connor Dickson stated,

Knives Edge is a bit different, I wanted this song to highlight my father’s substance abuse & actually how, now I see him for all his flaws and think he’s rather a joke, forever indebted to repeat the cycles of drinking, saying he has quit only for him to get in more trouble after picking up again. This was my song to fight back.”

If you’re a fan of the in-your-face raging beatdowns of artists like Darko US, Alpha Wolf, or ten56., you’ll love No Life‘s entire discography this far, but especially “Knives Edge“.

The official visualizer for “Knives Edge‘ is premiering now exclusively on BVTV Music. Watch the video below.


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