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Idle Mind Release Chuggy And Spankin’ New Single With “Survive”

Idle Mind Release Chuggy And Spankin’ New Single With “Survive”


Coming straight out of Reno, Nevada, new metalcore patrons Idle Mind have dropped a brand new track with “Survive”. This marks their first release since singles “In Hopes We Meet Again” and “Shallow Graves” earlier this year. This band is pretty under the radar and I’d recommend this band to anyone who enjoys I See Stars or Woe, Is Me. They mix the classic combo of electronic elements with metalcore pretty well, and this single is no exception. It’s packed with solid melodies and nice breakdowns to fill your ears. 

Vocalist Luke Nagy had this to say about the single;

“I’ve dealt with mental health issues my entire life and write about it a lot. One day I was struggling really hard and we were sitting on the instrumental for this song for two months so I decided to put words to paper that day instead of harming myself. It’s something I do a lot to cope. I can’t say this song was written for anyone but myself, but I hope someone can find solace in my words and know they’re not alone. YOU, are never alone.”

There’s plenty of metalcore bands out there looking to impress, and this one stands out among them. So if you’re looking for a solid, metalcore up and comer to listen to this week, I’d recommend Idle Mind and the brand new single “Survive” to you. 

Check out the official visualizer for “Survive” right here.

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