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Wayfarer Introduces the “American Gothic” (REVIEW)

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Have you ever listened to black metal and thought it could use some western sounding songwriting? Or maybe have listened to country and thought it could use a little blackened style? Well, it’s probably likely you’ve never thought of either, and that’s completely okay, I hadn’t either. However, Wayfarer’s newest record ‘American Gothic’ does just […]

August Burns Red’s ‘Death Below’ Marks A Return To Form (REVIEW)

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For the last several years, when you heard the name August Burns Red, you knew what you were getting. Album after album, their sound was uber consistent with its classic metalcore riffs, tight drumwork, and strong vocal performances. But, even with this consistency, it quickly became stale as they continued to tread the same waters […]

Distant’s Intense ‘Heritage’ of Deathcore (REVIEW)

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Hailing from The Netherlands and Slovakia, European deathcore group Distant’s newest record, ‘Heritage,’ is one of pure rage and chaos. Describing their style as downtempo deathcore with influences from brutal death metal, slam, and beatdown, Distant continues to develop their sound as they delve deeper into ferocious grooves and hard-hitting riffs and breakdowns. ‘Heritage’ is […]

Fencer’s Self-Titled Rocker (REVIEW)

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After numerous singles and an EP under their belt, alternative rock crew Fencer have finally released their debut full-length. ‘Fencer’ is a journey through alt-rock terrain, taking influence from a variety of styles from Queens of the Stone Age to some early-era Muse. With a balance of gritty rock tunes and beautifully written ballad-like tracks, […]

Fencer Release New Single “Joseph Courtney”; Announce Self-Titled Debut Album

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Los Angeles-based rock trio, Fencer, has officially released their newest single, “Joseph Courtney.” This is the second single from the group off their upcoming self-titled debut album, out on February 3, 2023. Continuing along the same sound of “Sanitarium,” the trio dives deeper into their unique style.  “Joseph Courtney” features a driving, bluesy rock feel that […]

A Eulogy From Counterparts (REVIEW)

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In memory of Kuma ‘A Eulogy For Those Still Here.’ Preparing for the inevitable death of those who are still alive. Counterparts​​ has always embraced the emotionally painful topics of life, but embracing for the eventual loss of those you love is about as real as it gets. With their seventh full-length, ‘A Eulogy For […]

“Drown” In Circlewind’s Debut (Track Analysis)

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From the creative minds of Bogdan Punyak (Hard Core YouTube channel) and Julian Molitor (guitarist of Eastshade) comes a new project by the name Circlewind. Combining their musical talents, Bogdan’s impressive balance of screams and clean melodics work cohesively alongside Molitor’s infectious grooves and guitar riffs. With their lead single “Drown,” the duo bursts onto […]

The End, So Far for Slipknot (REVIEW)

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Subdued synths, simplistic drum groove, and a piano chord progression amplified by soothing vocal harmonies. Not exactly what you’d expect from a band like Slipknot, yet that’s exactly how they open ‘The End, So Far.’ With the release of ‘We Are Not Your Kind,’ the band completely revitalized their sound, bringing back the aggressions of […]

Darko US Soar to New Levels With “Oni” (REVIEW)

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Since forming in 2020, Darko US has established themselves as one of the most electric supergroups in the scene. With a repertoire of efforts in Chelsea Grin, Emmure, and Spite, Tom Barber and Josh Miller expand upon their expertise to craft a deathcore experience full of brutality and experimentation. ‘Pt. 1 Dethmask’ and ‘Darko’ paved […]

The “TRUE POWER” of I Prevail (REVIEW)

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After bursting onto the scene with their hit cover of “Blank Space” in 2014, I Prevail has been growing in popularity within the metalcore scene with each subsequent release. After the success of their last record, ‘TRAUMA,’ the band seemed to be on an uphill climb in their music journey. With ‘TRUE POWER,’ I Prevail […]