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Domestic Terminal’s Stories Left To Tell (REVIEW)

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TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide/suicidal ideation is mentioned throughout this review About nine years ago, I woke up to the devastating news that my friend had died; suicide. There were so many emotions floating around my young twelve year old mind: confusion, grief, despair. Most of all, I felt a bitter anger deep inside. How could someone […]

Shinedown Are On “Planet Zero” (REVIEW)

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With about two decades of experience under their belts, alternative/hard rock legends Shinedown have clearly established themselves. From the early post-grunge style of ‘Leave a Whisper’ to the pop-focused rock record ‘ATTENTION ATTENTION,’ the band has experimented with many sounds and have crafted numerous hits throughout their career. With their newest record ‘Planet Zero,’ Shinedown […]

In Flames Return to Nuclear Blast, Debut New Single

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Swedish metal legends In Flames have re-signed with record label Nuclear Blast, extending their international partnership to another level. This announcement brings the foreshadowing of exciting plans from the influential group and their label in the near future.  Following the announcement, Marcus Hammer, the managing director of  Nuclear Blast, shared: A new metal masterpiece is about to drop […]

INDIGHXST Debut “LACE” Music Video

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New Jersey metalcore crew INDIGHXST have released their newest single, “LACE”. Along with the track is a new music video, featuring shots of the band performing interlaced with romantic shots of silhouettes. “LACE” showcases a different side of the band, opting for a more melodic approach and leaving the heavy riffing behind. Layered with beautiful, soaring melodies […]

Northlane Industrialize Metal With “Obsidian” (REVIEW)

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Throughout the years, Northlane has gone through many changes in their sound, moving from being pioneers of the progressive metalcore scene to leaders of the modern metalcore/industrial mix that has grown in recent years. With their previous release ‘Alien,’ the band took a deep dive into their industrial/electronic influences, mixing their aggressive core side with […]

Veil of Maya Debut “Synthwave Vegan”

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Progressive metalcore outfit Veil of Maya have released their newest single, “Synthwave Vegan,” via Sumerian Records. The single is accompanied by a music video showing the band performing with electronic visual effects. There is currently no announcement of a new record.  The track features a heavier sound in contrast to the band’s most recent material. Filled with proggy […]

Tallah Drop “The Impressionist” Video

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Nu-core metal quintet Tallah have debuted their new music video for their second single, “The Impressionist,” off their upcoming record, ‘The Generation of Danger.’ Their second full-length is set to release September 9th with the build-up to the release crafting an elaborate and horrific story. The new video ties in to the last single, “Telescope,” setting up […]

Greyhaven’s Beautifully Bright World (REVIEW)

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Greyhaven sent shockwaves throughout the post-hardcore/metalcore scene in 2018 with their second release, ‘Empty Black.’ Their blend of intense, Every Time I Die-esque riffs with a contrasting melodic composure, Greyhaven established their ability to craft some of the best music the genre has to offer. After nearly 4 years, they return yet again with their […]

Hollow Front Unveil “Heritage”

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Up ‘n’ coming metalcore group Hollow Front has debuted their newest single, “Heritage,” from their upcoming third album. ‘The Price of Dreaming’ is set to release on May 27 through UNFD.  The video features the band performing the track with various close-up shots and jarring visual effects. This intense video matches the ferocity behind the sound and the lyricism.  On […]

Meshuggah Returns With “Immutable” (REVIEW)

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Throughout the years, djent has grown as a genre within the metal community. Bands like Periphery, After the Burial, and Tesseract have popularized it within the scene while bands like Born of Osiris and Volumes have fused the style into their own sound. However, every few years, a mammoth in the djent community returns to […]