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New Asking Alexandria single to be released + Why fans should be excited on Danny Worsnop’s return

New Asking Alexandria single to be released + Why fans should be excited on Danny Worsnop’s return


With rabid speculation and conversation being sparked from the name “Danny Worsnop” alone these last two weeks, Asking Alexandria fans have had an awful lot to think about. The one thing on their minds especially must be the topic of whether Danny’s return could be a good thing. I opted a month ago when this situation begun to support where both Danny and Denis were musically positioned at the time, but that quickly changed as the aforementioned events transpired both in and out of Asking Alexandria.

Rather than incite hatred for the band’s original frontman, I’m here to tell you why Danny Worsnop returning to Asking Alexandria could be exactly what they need.

1. Experience

The most obvious reason Danny’s return could be good is due to the fact that he is the original voice and face of Asking Alexandria. Even when he departed, fans could not deny their attachment to the material Danny had created when he was in the band. His presence with Asking Alexandria will likely feel familiar and comfortable to Asking Alexandria’s huge fanbase, despite them having to open their hearts to Danny’s voice being heard over the speakers again and not Denis’. That aspect alone could really send ticket sales for the upcoming tour skyrocketing. Lest we forget that Danny has also fronted an internationally successful rock and roll band, We Are Harlot, and is gearing up to release a country-rock hybrid album under his own name. By getting those sides of himself out in other projects, he could be reserving an untapped well of heavy aggression for future Asking Alexandria material.

2. Chemistry

While Asking Alexandria have become a band reputed for getting many a music listener into heavier music, their formative days are also fondly looked upon for the constant hilarity and personality the original five members possessed together. It’s hard to find a more attention-grabbing group of UK gentlemen since The Beatles ruled over the 60’s rock-and-roll scene. Just take a look at their interviews from 2010 and 2011 and you’ll see a tight-knit group of inseparable friends. Much of that is owed to a certain Danny Worsnop’s charisma and energy. His fondness for cracking jokes and interacting with his fellow bandmates was sorely missed when Denis took the stage in Mr. Worsnop’s place. It’s also difficult to deny how well Danny and Ben Bruce’s personalities gel.

3. Background

The Black era of Asking Alexandria will surely be looked upon with simultaneous confusion and respect that Asking Alexandria pressed on without their arguably biggest member. However, the band’s sound and direction during this time simply pale in comparison to the arena-sized presence the Worsnop era of the band possessed, both sonically and physically. Danny’s rock and roll background allowed a more mature direction for the band to go in and such a jump felt completely natural given the group’s image and overall presentation. Love ’em or hate ’em, Asking Alexandria have the potential to be an A-lister in metal and rock music. They bridge the gap between the two nicely and could very well play the same stages as Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot if their sound backs their larger-than-life name. The Black simply didn’t support that jump. As a matter of fact, if Asking Alexandria are to be compared to Motley Crue, Denis Stoff is their John Corabi and Danny Worsnop is their Vince Neil, the chosen son.

4. Presence

Regardless of his past history, Danny Worsnop is an undeniably interesting frontman. His very existence demands acknowledgment and once he steps foot onto a stage, there is nothing that could draw attention away from him. All of the great rock and metal frontmen possess this quality in different ways and Danny is THE rockstar of his time. From the irony of his addictions mirroring famous glam outfits of the 80’s to his style of songwriting and even down to his choices of fashion, Danny resides in a world where rock and roll is the only way. His passion for music has earned him love even from his haters because it’s certain that the man is versatile. He can write a damned good song, be it a moving ballad or a toe-tapping rock anthem. He never said either that he was done with heavy music for good..

Additionally, we can now confirm that a new single from the band with Danny on vocals is coming. Late Monday night, a tweet began circulating from producer Matt Good revealing his position as producer for the single, saying Danny “crushed” the vocal delivery. It would appear this single is coming soon, perhaps halfway through the 10 Years In The Black tour. This would make sense especially when considering that Danny Worsnop hinted in his statement late last week that the band may be playing a new song on the tour. You can read Matt Good’s tweet below.

What do you think? Are you excited to hear Danny back on the mic in Asking Alexandria?

Matthew Powers I write reviews for CaliberTV and enjoy the existence of music.