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NEW INFO + WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Danny Worsnop’s Return To Asking Alexandria

NEW INFO + WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Danny Worsnop’s Return To Asking Alexandria


Following up with our article released late Wednesday night, more clues and information have surfaced about the departure of Denis Stoff from Asking Alexandria. Over the past 24-36 hours, we posted an article pertaining all information from undisclosed sources that were provided to us. Our article includes information regarding the return of original vocalist Danny Worsnop and reasons why Denis Stoff was removed from the band. You can read that article here


  • The band has had issues contacting Denis over the past two months
  • About a month ago, Ben and Danny shared images and tweets regarding the rekindling of their friendship
  • An Instagram video was posted on Ben’s girlfriends account, which appeared to include Danny rehearsing their songs, it has since be deleted (Watch video in original article)
  • Danny Worsnop posted 3 snaps of him drinking with Ben and James on his snapchat (Watch Snapchat videos in original article)
  • Screenshots from CEO of Sumerian Records, Ash Avildsen, surfaced of him stating we will know who was mature and unprofessional in this situation


  • Official announcement from Asking Alexandria and Sumerian Records regarding statement about the departure of Denis Stoff and the Return of Danny Worsnop
  • New single featuring Danny Worsnop


Ben Bruce tweeted on his personal account that an official announcement is coming at 5:00PM PDT

Asking Alexandria posted a new teaser video on their facebook page, with clear signs that Danny is back. You can watch the video here.


Danny Worsnop posted 2 more videos on Oct. 21, this time with Cameron Liddell and Sam Bettley, on his Snapchat.

On October 10th, Sumerian Records posted a teaser for the band’s upcoming 10 year anniversary tour, while watching one can’t help but to notice that the video strays away from showing anything related to Denis.

Below are screenshots from the “10 Years In The Black” tour teaser that provides additional hints about Dannys return.

At the end of the video we see the iconic image of a microphone laying on the floor, from their first album “Stand Up And Scream“. As the video finishes the song cuts out as Danny screams “I’m back again” from their song “Welcome” off of their 2011 album “Reckless And Relentless“.

Watch the full Sumerian 10 Year Tour Teaser here!