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BREAKING NEWS: Danny Worsnop Returns to Asking Alexandria , Denis Out

BREAKING NEWS: Danny Worsnop Returns to Asking Alexandria , Denis Out


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UPDATE: 1AM PST Sumerian Records posts image on their Facebook of Danny and Ben from the music video for “To The Stage“.

UPDATE #2: A video has surfaced of a previously deleted video that Ben Bruce’s girlfriend briefly posted on her Instagram of band practice, and what appears to be Danny singing

UPDATE #3: Danny Worsnop posted 3 snaps of him drinking with Ben and James on his snapchat:

In January of 2015, Asking Alexandria announced the departure of original vocalist Danny Worsnop, with Worsnop stating that at the time the band wasn’t “Best for me”. Shortly after the departure of Worsnop, guitarist and founding member Benjamin Bruce stated that the band would go on to play Vans Warped Tour in 2015 with their new vocalist. Fast forward nearly two years later, Asking Alexandria went on to release their forth studio album “The Black” with their new vocalist Denis Stoff and have played various tours world wide. While this was happening, Worsnop was experimenting with his classical rock band, We Are Harlot, which released their debut album in May of 2015. 

This is where things get interesting. Over the past few months, various rumors have been flying around the music scene about the possible return of Danny Worsnop to Asking Alexandria. Undisclosed sources have stated that the band has decided to move on from replacement vocalist Denis Stoff. Sources claim that the band had various issues contacting Denis over the past two months. This draws concern with the “10 Years In The Black Tour” starting in less than a week. Aside from this, other sources have stated that the band has had issues with getting along with Denis, similar to the issues pertaining to the break up of Stoff‘s original band, Make Me Famous The band has also faced financial issues due to Denis losing his visa, forcing the band to cancel various shows.

Over the past few days, we can only assume that the hints posted on Asking Alexandria’s Facebook page are leading to the announcement of Worsnop’s return. 

Check out the picture posted by Asking Alexandria‘s record label, Sumerian Records below, featuring the original line up of Asking Alexandria.

Images surfaced late Wednesday night on both Ben Bruce and Danny Worsnops instagram accounts. The images appeared of various unknown people taking shots of what appears to be Asking Alexandria.


Daddy needed a little tequila to get the blood moving after this morning’s hangover. Guess I’ll get drunk now…

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Below are images of albums featuring Danny Worsnop, which were posted on Asking Alexandria‘s page on Wednesday.

With all of this sparks the concern of what the band will do in relation to their tour starting on October 25th. Undisclosed sources have stated that after meeting various times, Ben and Danny have been able to settle their differences and Ben offered Danny the position to return to the band. This all draws with evidence that both members have posted on their personal Twitter and Instagram accounts. It has also been stated, that Danny will be the permanent vocalist for the band once again, with the official announcement expected from the band no later than Friday.


Tonight haha. What a weird and awesome night

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Stay posted for updates.