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Exotype release new single “No Solace”

Exotype release new single “No Solace”


Exotype have been a centerpiece in the underground heavy music media for a few weeks now. It’s likely if you’re reading this that you’ve heard the story of the band splitting from their former label, Rise Records, due to disagreements within.

Everyone and their brother, twin sister and half-cousin have contributed some form of opinion or take on this occurrence, which has kept Exotype relevant whether anyone likes it or not. Following this whole debacle is a new single being released by the band titled “No Solace”.

True to its name, this is a heavier industrial-flavored metalcore track that will appeal to fans of the group’s self-titled record and even their Emerge EP. By bringing back the frequent background electronics, the track utilizes an air of hopelessness to provide the song its hard-hitting nature, certainly harder hitting than anything previously released by the band, and stays true to the previously established dynamics of determined and anthemic electro-metalcore. For a song that revolves around feeling defeated, vocalist Steven McCorry sounds filled with the power to overcome.

The group are currently in search of a new label to call their home. By releasing occasional singles, they are keeping their fanbase in mind instead of leaving them out in the cold as to whether they are still planning to continue on as a band. No matter your stance on Exotype and the actions of its musicians, this is a move that should be spoken well of. After all, getting your music distributed to the fans is imperative to your band’s future, a future Exotype seem set on arriving to.

Stream “No Solace” below.

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