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ALBUM: Avenged Sevenfold – ‘The Stage’

Matthew Powers
Judging by the fact that Avenged Sevenfold’s seventh full-length’s existence was revealed and confirmed not even a day ago, it’s safe to assume that the record must be good. For the band to forego the typical industry process of establishing a “hype” period for the record by launching pre-orders and instead choosing to ship directly […]

ALBUM: Sum 41 – ’13 Voices’

Matthew Powers
After nearly dying from alcohol abuse, Sum 41 Deryck Whibley felt inspired to turn to that which has always been a means of catharsis for him – Music. He was so inspired in fact that out of this inspiration came an entirely new Sum 41 record, a prospect that seemed nigh impossible in the wake […]

ALBUM: Sylar – “Help!”

Matthew Powers
Help – It’s an alarming word. A word that is never used lightly on its own merits. In order for a person to ask for help, they must believe that they alone cannot accomplish a task. With that in mind, it should be clear that asking for such assistance is the very definition of exhausting […]

Exotype release new single “No Solace”

Matthew Powers
Exotype have been a centerpiece in the underground heavy music media for a few weeks now. It’s likely if you’re reading this that you’ve heard the story of the band splitting from their former label, Rise Records, due to disagreements within.Everyone and their brother, twin sister and half-cousin have contributed some form of opinion or […]

ALBUM: I See Stars – ‘Treehouse’

Matthew Powers
The most noteworthy point that can be made about I See Stars is that they have always seeked to change the way music as a whole is looked at. In an age where genre splicing is as common as explosions in a Michael Bay movie, the I See Stars boys have used trends and modern […]

ALBUM: Fallujah – ‘Dreamless’

Michael Bird
Atmospheric death metal. On paper, it’s an incongruous mash-up of genres that should work about as well as crunkcore did; in practice, it’s an approach to extreme music that has made Fallujah one of the most exciting names in the scene. Their second LP, 2014’s The Flesh Prevails, was much lauded in the world of […]

ALBUM: Asking Alexandria – ‘The Black’

Matthew Powers
Asking Alexandria are simultaneously standing with one foot in the past and one stepping towards the future with their fourth record The Black. Recently inducted frontman Denis Stoff leads the album through a whirlwind of aggressive moments with emotive death metal shrieks that rival anything heard on any The Black Dahlia Murder record, but it’s […]

ALBUM: Wildways – ‘Into the Wild’

Michael Bird
If it weren’t for the fact that they originate from Russia, a country not exactly well known for its contribution to the heavy music scene, Wildways might have the most clichéd story in modern metalcore. Starting out with an unnecessarily unwieldy moniker, Sarah Where Is My Tea, their primary accomplishments have been tours with the […]