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ALBUM: While She Sleeps – ‘You Are We’

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That the best new heavy band of the last decade had to resort to a Pledge Music fund to get their new album out is evidence that a) the music industry is broken and b) there is no justice in the world. After setting the world of metalcore ablaze in 2012 with debut This Is […]

ALBUM: Northlane – ‘Mesmer’

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NEW NORTHLANE! OUTTA NOWHERE! Well, it had been obvious something was coming from the steady trickle of tracks the band dropped over the last few months, but they and the team behind them deserve props for keeping Mesmer a pretty well kept secret before it was unleashed on an unsuspecting world. This does create a […]

ALBUM: ONE OK ROCK – ‘Ambitions’

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They’re so big in their native Japan that Fall Out Boy are supporting them on their upcoming tour. But you’d be forgiven for not having heard of ONE OK ROCK before now, as they’ve never earned as much attention from Western listeners as Babymetal or even Crossfaith. The game plan of new album Ambitions is to […]

ALBUM: Attila – ‘Chaos’

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Thousands, if not millions of people are either outraged by them, or think they’re moronic. They show complete disregard for this, and only seem to thrive on the hate, attracting a bizarrely obsessive cult of followers despite the scorn poured on them by mainstream (i.e. sensible) thinkers. They draw large live crowds and entertain a […]

ALBUM: Memphis May Fire – ‘This Light I Hold’

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Bring Me the Horizon have ‘gone pop’. Of Mice & Men have gone KROQ. Asking Alexandria… well lord knows what’s happening with them right now, but if Danny Worsnop is back for good then it wouldn’t be surprising if they went further down the rock ‘n’ roll route they’d tapped into as early as Reckless […]

ALBUM: Dance Gavin Dance – ‘Mothership’

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It’s not unfair to say that expectations generally weren’t high the last time we got a new Dance Gavin Dance record. After the misstep of 2013’s Acceptance Speech, which came off the back of three vocalist changes within five years, you’d be forgiven for having written them off. But just as post-hardcore brethren Silverstein relaunched […]

ALBUM: Taking Back Sunday – ‘Tidal Wave’

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After years of chasing their tails, trying to replicate the charms of Tell All Your Friends and assuredness of Louder Now to no avail, Long Island’s second best post-hardcore band finally produced an album that lived up to their first three in Happiness Is, after realising that they didn’t need to repeat themselves ad infinitum […]

ALBUM: Bastille – ‘Wild World’

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Damn it, Dan. Your band could be so good. Granted, you were the least interesting of the Class of 2013 neo-indie big hitters; outshined by The 1975’s sensual swagger, the Vegas glitz of Imagine Dragons, and the eccentric Haim sisters. But you had something, and that something has made your band extremely popular. At the […]

ALBUM: A Day to Remember – ‘Bad Vibrations’

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It’s wonderfully typical of A Day to Remember to do what makes the least sense at every opportunity. Unless you’re Patrick Star, you’ll be aware of the band’s trademark fusion of mosh-call metalcore and 2002 pop punk. Scores of naysayers said it didn’t work; scores more people bought their albums. Few bands’ success stories’ have […]

ALBUM: Cane Hill – ‘Smile’

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Every movement or subgenre within music typically goes through three phases. The first is the breakthrough phase, where a raft of new bands with an exciting new sound captures the attention of the press and fans and become the next hot thing within the genre. Within a decade the movement will reach its second phase, […]