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SINGLE: The Word Alive – “Trapped”

Matthew Powers
The Word Alive's adventurous career path has been full of territory most bands at their level dream of achieving. Combining prog metal guitar magic, off-the-wall synth textures that give even Children of Bodom a run for their money and a knack for genuine emotional delivery, the five musicians that make up the band have done an excellent job at setting themselves apart from the genre norms. They're truly a cut above.

ALBUM: Devil You Know – ‘They Bleed Red’

Matthew Powers
In the metal community super-groups typically aren’t viewed in the brightest light. Putting together a group of musicians who have little in common when it comes to musical approaches and styles can be both an interesting idea and a complete disaster. The goal is ultimately to create a band that does each of the members […]

ALBUM: Born Of Osiris – ‘Soul Sphere’

Matthew Powers
Few modern bands are as unique and trail-blazing as Born of Osiris. They’ve been there done that when it comes to deathcore, flirted with technical death metal, made great friends with Nu-Metal and thrown in random, but tasteful slips of dubstep beats into their diverse sound. Through all of the busy sonic madness however, they’ve found […]

ALBUM: Alesana – ‘Confessions’

Matthew Powers
In the film industry, or as an author of any sort, it is a privilege to create a trilogy. A trilogy implies the fact that the original story was so well-received that it was deserving of not 1, but 2 follow-ups. Between the 3 entries that make up a trilogy the goal is to the […]

ALBUM: Falling In Reverse – ‘Just Like You’

Matthew Powers
Nostalgia is a universally revered feeling. Depending on when you grew up one song can really take you back to your younger years and make you feel like an old fart. With the current generation there is undoubtedly nostalgia to be gained from listening to early post-hardcore bands, one of those bands being Escape The […]

ALBUM: Stick To Your Guns – ‘Disobedient’

Matthew Powers
In the melodic hardcore world, Stick To Your Guns are one of the bands who use their name as a blueprint for their sound. Having developed an especially energetic and passionate subtly punk sound in the early 2000’s the band have forged a path ahead that many of their peers can’t seem to rival. And […]

ALBUM: Papa Roach – ‘F.E.A.R.’

Matthew Powers
Duality has been a common theme in the modern rock scene as of late (See: Set It Off’s newest album of the same name). In this day & age where music is more easily accessed in downloadable files than in record stores bands are realizing how crucial making a connection with the fans is.

ALBUM: Attila – Guilty Pleasure

Matthew Powers
Pizza, Sex And Trolls. If you’re reading this you may be asking “What the bloody hell kind of opening statement is that?” Those 3 words grouped together certainly don’t make sense as a statement nor as a potential song title for any normal band. But Attila aren’t a normal band unless the world ‘normal’ is […]