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Why Too Close To Touch Is The Next Big Band

Why Too Close To Touch Is The Next Big Band


Every so often, the scene is presented with a new artist that really stands out. In 2014, Too Close To Touch took the scene by storm. The release of their debut LP “Nerve Endings” gained an insurmountable amount of attention and recognition. Accompanied by the unique creativity of vocalist Keaton Pierce, Too Close To Touch paired up with producer Erik Ron to create a groundbreaking debut release. Varied with the support of Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens) and Telle Smith (The Word Alive) being featured on  the album, presented the band with limitless promotion from two very established fan bases. 

Shortly after the release of “Nerve Endings”, Too Close to Touch has hit the road for two years non stop supporting bands such as Pvris, Emarosa, and Hands Like Houses. Touring is the best way for bands to gain traction in an every changing and over saturated music scene. The success falls nothing short of amazing, establishing a dedicated fan base in a short period of time has proven true. This fan base helped land Too Close To Touch on Vans Warped Tour this past summer. Through the long summer days, blistering heat, and over 40 shows in twelve weeks, Too Close To Touch was presented with a summer they won’t soon forget. 

While on tour, the promotion of their newly released album “Haven’t Been Myself” began. Supported by the singles “What I Wish I Could Forget” and “Crooked Smile”, the band has just released the most anticipated album of 2016. Teaming up with producer Erik Ron on the second release has graced the band with a creative edge. Returning to the producer who has worked with the likes of Panic! At The Disco and Good Charlotte, the band has heavily focused on creating an album that stands out in various aspects. 

Paying attention to detail, the key elements of the album that will send Too Close To Touch to the top, are the vocal melodies. Varied with the occasional screams, they have found the perfect formula to become a band that’s one of a kind. There’s something unique about the way band presents themselves as an up and coming talent and you will feel the same whenever you listen to their new album “Haven’t Been Myself”. Featuring 11 new tracks, each one has something different to offer.

Our favorite three:
1. Translate
2. For Your Sake
3. Sympathy

Watch the new Too Close To Touch music video for “Sympathy” below

Watch the new Too Close To Touch music video for “What I Wish I Could Forget” below

Purchase the new Too Close To Touch album “Haven’t Been Myself” on iTunes, your local CD retailer, or other online retailers today.