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Attention metalcore lovers, pop-punk kids, fellow emos and everyone in between- prepare to feel simultaneously incredibly nostalgic and very old. Here are ten iconic albums that are turning 10 this year.

10. Rise Against – ‘Endgame’

Alternative punk band Rise Against released their album ‘Endgame’ in March of 2011, and it has given us some absolute classics that we still love to this day. Although the album presented a different sound from their 2008 release of ‘Appeal to Reason’, the album still holds up a decade later and is a solid 10/10.


9. A Lot Like Birds – ‘Conversation Piece’

Sacramento based post-hardcore group A Lot Like Birds is also celebrating the ten year anniversary of their flawless album ‘Conversation Piece’ this year , and in our opinion, it did not get nearly enough credit as it should have. It is insanely underrated to say the least, and after ten years it is still on par with newer releases from bands like Dance Gavin Dance and Thrice and still goes hard while remaining hauntingly beautiful and will for years to come.


8. Northlane – ‘Discoveries’

Northlane’s flawless debut LP, ‘Discoveries’ is also officially ten years old as of this year, and deserves nothing but to continue receiving love and respect from the scene it deserves. Everything about the album is stellar- from vocals, composition, filthy breakdowns- as well as overall fantastic production quality; this album is going to be a staple for metalcore fans and without a doubt one we will always be coming back to.


7. Sleeping With Sirens – ‘Let’s Cheers To This’

Whether or not you’re still jamming to “If You Can’t Hang” or not, it is no doubt that ‘Let’s Cheers to This’ is hands down one of the most iconic emo albums of the 2011 scene. If this record doesn’t scream Warped Tour nostalgia, we’re really not sure what will. The album also features really sick instrumentals and of course Kellin Quinn’s distinctive vocals, making it one of the band’s strongest releases to date.


6. The Story So Far – ‘Under Soil and Dirt’

If you were on pop-punk Tumblr from 2011-2015, this is probably still one of your favorite albums to this day. It’s officially been ten years since California Pop-punk powerhouses The Story So Far released their debut albumUnder Soil and Dirt’ and quickly took the scene by storm. The album gave us some of the decades most screamable, finger-pointable, and incredibly angsty lyrics along with a now iconic Parker Cannon as a frontman and continues to be on every pop-punk kid’s playlists to this day. Don’t lie, you’ve definitely screamed the words to “Roam” or “Quicksand” in your car as loud as you could at least once.


5. Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows – ‘D.R.U.G.S.’ 

Post-hardcore group Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows February 2011 release of their album ‘D.R.U.G.S’ is an album that’ll throw you back to the days of multi colored hot topic jeans, fringes and hot topic rubber band bracelets. This is the band’s one and only studio album to be released, but with Craig Owens‘ stellar lead vocals, obscure instrumentals, and of course hilarious song titles, it definitely is one for the nostalgia book and if you hear anything off of it even after a decade it still slaps.


4. Emmure – ‘Speaker Of The Dead’

10 years have gone by, and we’ve seen countless bands drop tons of records and albums in the scene, and Emmure‘s ‘Speaker of the Dead’ is still without a doubt one of the best to date. From “Solar Flare Homicide” to “Bohemian Grove”, ‘Speaker of the Dead’ not only holds a ridiculous amount of nostalgia, but it also has a timeless sound that will continue to age like fine wine. Whether or not this record makes you super nostalgic or you’re still a sucker for Frankie Palmeri’s insane vocals, it’s still a top tier album after all this time.


3. We Came As Romans – ‘Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be’

Metalcore powerhouses We Came as Romans release of their sophomore album, ‘Understanding What We’ve Grown to Be’ in September of 2011 is still arguably one of the best metalcore albums of 2011. We Came As Romans has proven themselves over and over again to mean business when it comes to their scene as well as the solidity of their music, and the release of this timeless album is no exception to that. ‘Understanding What We’ve Grown to Be’ showcases the groups lyricism as well as its composition skill, and 10 years later, it’s still top tier.


2. The Wonder Years – ‘Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing’

In June of 2011, Pop-punk band The Wonder Years released their second studio album, ‘Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing’ and it was by far the band’s greatest release to date. The now iconic and staple pop punk album gave us some of the band’s most successful hits, including “Local Man Ruins Everything”, “Suburbia”, and the anthem, “Came Out Swinging”. The songs, and overall album, have had a huge impact on the scene, and even after 10 years, continues to shine a light on the inner angsty suburban pop-punk kid in all of us.

1. Asking Alexandria – ‘Reckless & Relentless’

Alright, if you weren’t already feeling old as hell after this list, this will definitely do it:

British Metalcore band Asking Alexandria’s ‘Reckless & Relentless’ is 10. Years. Old. Yup, we’ve officially hit a decade of the April 2011 release, which gave us a lot of Danny Worsnop’s cleaner vocals as opposed to the crabcore screams we originally got with ‘Stand Up and Scream’. In ten years time, the band has gone through quite a few stylistic changes, and we definitely saw the beginning of it with ‘Reckless & Relentless’.

Let us know what some of your favorite albums turning ten this year are below!

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