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Corey Jackson
2014 was an interesting year for our scene. It seemed to be the beginning of a new era, with the classic ‘rise’ metalcore sound slowly starting to fade while other styles competed for the top spot. Here are the 10 albums our staff collectively decided were the most noteworthy: Honorable Mentions: Hail The Sun – […]

Rage Fest – Baltimore, MD – 8.3.18

Luis Rosales
Baltimore Soundstage hosts yet another banger as Rage Fest made it’s way with Attila, Suicide Silence, Volumes, and Rings of Saturn. As fans rolled in to watch the technicality of Rings of Saturn, the power of Volumes, destruction of Suicide Silence, and raging with Attila, it was truly a rage fest as the name of […]

ALBUM: Volumes – ‘Different Animals’

Matthew Powers
Having been looked to as standouts in the prog metal derived, time-signature tortured djent movement, Los Angeles’ urban hooligans known as Volumes have returned after a three year silence. With a slightly different lineup, extra layers and a bit of new flavor, we have been given the band’s third full-length, “Different Animals”. What’s on offer […]