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2014 was an interesting year for our scene. It seemed to be the beginning of a new era, with the classic ‘rise’ metalcore sound slowly starting to fade while other styles competed for the top spot. Here are the 10 albums our staff collectively decided were the most noteworthy:

Honorable Mentions:

Hail The Sun – Wake

Circa Survive – Descensus

10. Silent Planet – The Night God Slept

I like to think of this record as the perfect amalgamation of Oh, Sleeper and Underoath. It has the atmosphere, the intricate riffs, the time signature changes, the emotion – it has everything. Truly an impressive debut from a band that’s only getting better with time.

9. Linkin Park – The Hunting Party
It’s a Linkin Park record, dare I say more?

8. Volumes – No Sleep

I’m so glad Michael Barr’s back behind the mic (mike.. ha.. ha) in Volumes for the first time since No Sleep, go listen to Erased and you’ll understand why.

7. Fit For A King – Slave To Nothing

While not FFAK’s most popular record by any stretch, it was their first with new bassist/vocalist Tuck O’Leary and showed the band pushing in a more mature, metal direction. Plus, the title track and Hooked are straight bangers.

6. Crown The Empire – The Resistance: Rise of The Runaways

If The Fallout was CTE’s breakout record, The Resistance was proof they’re here to stay. Clearly the bands’ interesting blend of theatrical core and electronics didn’t lose its appeal, after selling out dates left right and centre upon release.

5. Code Orange – I Am King

With a rebrand and new found fury, Code Orange announced that hardcore was now their “fucking world” with the release of I Am King. I vividly remember watching their 2014 This Is Hardcore set thinking “holy shit, this band is going to change the game” and seemingly I was spot on.

4. Pvris –  White Noise

Front-to-back, every single song on White Noise is top tier. Not many debut records are as good as this. That is all.

3. Being As An Ocean – How We Both Wondrously Perish

Bursting onto the scene with Dear G-d and their incredibly heartfelt brand of melodic hardcore, BAAO were the kings of Tumblr lyric-over-forest-pic edits back in the day.

With the inclusion of insanely talented new vocalist and guitarist Michael McGough (previously of The Elijah), many weren’t sure what to expect from the bands sophomore record, but damn did they deliver. Intertwining their classic style with post-rock/alternative influences and deeply poetic lyricism, this album is a masterpiece.

2. Beartooth – Disgusting

Back to finding the passion for music again after departing from Attack Attack!, Caleb Shomo unintentionally flipped the metalcore world on its head with the low-key release of Sick.
If the hype off the back of that EP wasn’t enough already, he (and I say he because Caleb writes and records everything) then followed it up with basically a scene staple at this point. Disgusting catapulted the band into becoming a household name with insanely catchy hooks and raw energy near unmatched.

1. Architects – Lost Forever//Lost Together

Whether it was their more mathy roots, their divisive post hardcore attempts or their “you fucking pigs” metalcore album, Architects were always an incredible band. Yet, they never quite received the recognition they deserved, particularly in the US.
With the release of LF//LT, that all changed. Gravedigger, Broken Cross, Naysayer, C.A.N.C.E.R, you name it, just straight metalcore porn from start to finish. Everything finally clicked, and suddenly the UK outfit were headlining massive stages globally, and have since cemented themselves as one of the biggest and most adored bands in metalcore.

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