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The Dirty Heads Summer Tour – Baltimore, MD – 6.24.17

The Dirty Heads Summer Tour – Baltimore, MD – 6.24.17


Returning to Baltimore a year later, The Dirty Heads came back around to Pier Six Pavilion but this time as the headlining band.  Along for the tour is SOJA with special guests The Green and locals RDGLDGRN to get things started.  Check out the gallery below as Luis Rosales was there on this perfect summer night of reggae.


RDGLDGRN was up first in this lineup as the local band  for tonight. They brought in the first wave of fans that filled up almost the entire venue early on as they got fans interacting with them vigorously waving their hands, yelling “we the best” between the venue split in half. The vocalist, GRN was really influential with the crowd as he jumped in between the aisles and sang with fans. Overall RDGLDGRN put on a solid performance.


The Green was next to perform as they had fans nodding their heads to the beat as they walked in. The band had the reggae sound perfected but there was something about their performance that stood out. From the smooth vocals to the rumbling bass, The Green projected their sound so well with every note. Oddly enough the whole band stood a couple feet back from the edge of the stage while their singer, Caleb Keolanui was the only member who walked back and forth using some of the stage space. However that wasn’t distracting from the fact that their set grabbed the attention of many here tonight.


SOJA was up next as the supporters of this tour and immediately came of the bat with amazing production. The amounts of lighting used was like night and day compared to earlier in the show as well as the smoke used for added effects. Everyone, especially Rafael Rodriguez on trumpet and Hellman Escorcia on sax, played really tight like the professionals they are. They were all very entertaining with each member being so animated in their own way, like the their bassist Bobby Lee kicking and their rhythm guitarist Trevor Young jumping constantly, there was never a dull moment on stage. Fans were definitely into it as the crowd was nodding their heads in sync with each their and even dancing at their seats like no one’s watching. Every song ended with a big applause anxiously waiting for the next song to start. As the night went on, the production got even more outstanding and visually stunning to witness first hand. SOJA definitely had the best looking and sounding sets so far of the night before The Dirty Heads take stage.


Now for the reason why this show sold out at Pier Six Pavilion, The Dirty Heads had their turn to rock Baltimore on this perfect summer night. Right off the bat, they kicked off with “Franco Eyed,” “Burn Slow,” and “My Sweet Summer” to get the fans worked up. Their intro started with everyone standing in the back riser with all the percussions and worked their ways down eventually. The crowd sang along to every word without any hesitation for every chorus. Lighting and production of course was phenomenal with just the right amount of smoke and lights beaming through in different shapes and colors. Both singers were very animated when their parts came in and so were the drummers emphasizing the hits during big parts.  Since the back riser had every other member on it, that gave Dustin Bushnell and Jared Watson plenty of room to roam around the stage to get the crowd hyped even more.  The entire night was filled with the awesome mix of reggae and hip hop as they went on to play their extensive 19 song set list plus another 2 for their encore to close out.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.