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Wineville Release $uicideboy$ Cover

Wineville Release $uicideboy$ Cover


With the ever growing popularity of $ucideboy$ comes the wave of cover songs. The release of the new Wineville cover of “Paris” tops the list of the most memorable. Thoroughly put together starting with the ambient intro, the songs slams into a head banging pattern of breakdowns. Accompanied by a wave of fast paced vocals, the cover leaves you wanting to play it on repeat. Clocking in just under two minutes will give you the only impression you need from Wineville, they know how to do covers the right.

About Wineville

Wineville is a 5 piece Metal band from Mira Loma, California comprised of Henry Kroese (Vocals), Brandon Christopher (Guitar), Adrian Figureoa (Guitar), Jake Drorbaugh (Bass), and Josh Ruiz (Drums). The band’s name is inspired by it’s home town (Mira Loma), which was known as Wineville prior to 1930 Wineville Chicken Coop Murders.

For fans of: 

Oceano, Bodysnatcher, Traitors,and Chelsea Grin

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