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Thornhill Release New Single “Hollywood”, Announce New Album ‘Heroine’

Thornhill Release New Single “Hollywood”, Announce New Album ‘Heroine’


One of the hottest bands in the metalcore scene, Australian outfit Thornhill have released the new single from their newly announced album ‘Heroine’ titled “Hollywood”. The track continues in the band’s new stylistic direction, a five minute long epic ala 2000’s era Deftones complete with a stunning music video. The new album is inspired by classic cinema and the charm and style displayed in their aesthetics, with this single and it’s video being the perfect example of that.

The new song follows up “Casanova” and “Arkangel” as the third single off of the upcoming album, and showcasing a more experimental approach at the band’s new sound that was introduced in the previous singles. From its heavily distorted drum led intro to its crushing guitar tone and surprise breakdown section, “Hollywood” is a complete experience for the listener, complete with massive production from George Lever (Loathe, Sleep Token) and stylistically buried emotional vocals from frontman Jacob Charlton.

When asked about “Hollywood”, Charlton stated,

“The premise of this song follows a protagonist, who is coming to terms with being in love with another girl he’s just met while still being in a relationship that has been slowly falling apart around him. This one-in-a-million encounter with someone who has changed his entire world in a matter of glances is the theme we follow throughout the song until he finally builds the courage to say it out loud. He makes little decisions, puts his current partner in a bad light to make himself feel like he’s in the right, and calls her names as she begs him to announce his true feelings for someone he’s met on their trip to Hollywood.”

‘Heroine’ album artwork. Credit: UNFD


  1. The Hellfire Club
  2. Leather Wings
  3. Blue Velvet
  4. Arkangel
  5. Valentine
  6. Casanova
  7. Something Terrible Came With The Rain
  8. Hollywood
  9. Raw
  10. Varsity Hearts
  11. Heroine

Heroine’ releases June 3rd. Watch the official music video for “Hollywood” below and pre-order the album here.

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