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Sunspear Release Visualizer For New Single “Purgatory”

Sunspear Release Visualizer For New Single “Purgatory”


Sunspear are taking listeners on a journey inside the mind on “Purgatory”, the Redding ensemble’s immersive new single.

Space between opening notes brings a calmness to the air before it descends into a atmosphere that swerves in and out of madness and melody. Pounding drums, tapping riffs, and a proggy solo become a few instrumental highlights upon first listen.

Through the contrasting voices of founding member Ryan Williams and the band’s newest addition Tony Deputy— whose distinct timbre makes its debut— “Purgatory” conveys itself passionately, reflecting on the search for a happy medium between triumph and tribulations.

Whether familiar with Sunspear or hearing them for the first time, this track is sure to mingle easily in rock and metalcore enthusiasts’ listening rotations.

Stream “Purgatory” below

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