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Sindria Release ‘Death/Ascension’ EP

Sindria Release ‘Death/Ascension’ EP


Enduring burdensome events often times leads to desire for new beginnings. Rather than remaining complacent, California alternative metal quintet Sindria seek to destroy and rebuild on their new EP ‘Death/Ascension’, a symbolic collection of six songs that speak to the vulnerable thoughts and epiphanies surrounding personal growth.

‘Death/Ascension’ begins to the tune of “Sleep”, a slow melodic track that’s subdued and stylistically deviant in character. Ironically, this introduction is more of a farewell, but death is merely a metaphor in the mind of vocalist Cicada Moon.

The soundscape completely reinvents itself on “Intoxicate” featuring Tom Barber (Chelsea Grin, Darko) and “Growth Is Pain”, a pair of cut-from-the-same-cloth heavy standouts that intimately grapple with painful yet necessary emotions. Both the vocal delivery and intricate rhythms are fuelled by ferocity, and the former is menacing to say the least. Balladic elements define “The Chapel”, and closing track “A New Life” ponders the outcome of a fresh start.

‘Death/Ascension’ will feel at home with enthusiasts of the more disobedient and genre-bending side of modern metal.

Stream the ‘Death/Ascension’ EP below.

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