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Static Dress Release Nostalgic New Single “Fleahouse”

Static Dress Release Nostalgic New Single “Fleahouse”


Fast-rising UK post-hardcore outfit Static Dress have dropped the final single off of their upcoming highly-anticipated debut album ‘Rouge Carpet Disaster’, which drops May 18th titled “fleahouse”. The track feels straight out of 2004 with a nostalgic feel akin to the likes of Taking Back Sunday or Funeral For A Friend and one of the catchiest chorus melodies the band has released to date.

The song feels like a call-back to the band’s earliest material, with heavy emphasis on frontman Olli Appleyard‘s clean vocals and screamed verses. This is also further exemplified in the official music video for the track, which features clips of every video the band has put out in the past and is set in a green and white room reminiscent of the band’s first single “clean.” As the press release for the track puts it, “‘fleahouse‘ is a love letter to their core fanbase while elevating their early vision to the cinematic heights of their recent visual output”.

Rouge Carpet Disaster‘ cover artwork. Credit: Static Dress

See the full ‘Rouge Carpet Disaster’ tracklist below:

1. fleahouse
2. sweet.
3. Push rope
4. Attempt 8
5. Courtney, just relax
6. Di-sinTer ft. King Yosef
7. such.a.shame
8. …Maybe!!?
9. Lye solution
10. Unexplainabletitlesleavingyouwonderingwhy (welcome in)
11. Marisol
12. Cubical dialog

fleahouse” is the fourth single to be released from ‘Rouge Carpet Disaster‘, following “Sweet.“, “Di-sinTer“, and “such.a.shame.” You can pre-order the album here and watch the official music video for “fleahouse” below.

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