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Static Dress Release New Single “Sober Exit(s)” + Announce Debut EP (Track Analysis) 9

Static Dress Release New Single “Sober Exit(s)” + Announce Debut EP (Track Analysis)


Rising Leeds-based post-hardcore act Static Dress have unleashed their brand new single “Sober Exit(s)”, alongside an accompanying music video, which is premiering now via Rolling Stone UK.

Sober Exit(s)” starts a new era for the band, brushed bright red and full of color and featuring inverted versions of the members themselves, contrasting the dark green and metallic aesthetic of their previous singles. Sonically, the track takes more after 2000s mall emo influences likened to that of The Used or Alesana, rather than the band’s usual brand of metallic post-hardcore.

Soaring chorus hooks get stuck in the listeners head instantly over upbeat instrumentation led by a fantastic performance from drummer Sam Ogden and vocalist Olli Appleyard’s smooth transitions between clean singing and fry screams. It’s a track that further expands the band’s sonic palette and testifies to their desire to push across genre boundaries while paying homage to the scene genres of the 2000s.

Static Dress 2021. Credit: Press

Appleyard stated on the meaning behind the track,

“The song itself circles around the idea of your mind creating scenarios which do not actually exist; ‘the perfect dream world’ – centred around the idea of living by empty promises and false hope.”

Sober Exit(s)” is the second track released this year from the band following “Sweet.” And first taste off of their long-awaited debut EP titled ‘Prologue’, which releases December 3rd. ‘Prologue’ is released in conjunction with and is the soundtrack to a comic book accompaniment of the same name, written by frontman Olli Appleyard and illustrated by Tanya Kenny. You can pre-order the EP and the comic book here.

Static Dress’ debut EP ‘Prologue’ releases December 3rd. Check out the EP tracklist and watch the official music video for new single “Sober Exit(s)” below.

Prologue’ tracklist:

  1. a_distraction
  2. disposable care
  3. the spare key in the back
  4. sober exit(s)
  5. in this fake city
  6. foreplay (is not my forte)
  7. from a mansion to a FH…
  8. vague
  9. to the hotel…



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