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Polyphia announce new album ‘Renaissance’; release new single “Euphoria”

Polyphia announce new album ‘Renaissance’; release new single “Euphoria”


Polyphia have announced they will be releasing their sophomore album Renaissance on March 11th via Equal Vision Records. In addition to the album announcement, the band has also released a music video for their new single “Euphoria”.

Renaissance was co-produced by Nick Samson (Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men) and band’s guitarist Tim Henson and Scott LePage. Pre-orders can be purchased here.

“As a band, we’ve been pretty clear and up front about our love affair with culturally mainstream music. Arranging the actual sound of the record was somewhat tricky, seeing as how the Justin Bieber and Drake records we’ve been blasting nonstop don’t exactly fit right in with the thematic elements of Renaissance culture. At the end of the day it was actually quite a blast to see what sort of “hybrid” music we could birth between various genres in a tasteful way. It feels really good to know that the internet won’t be able to label this album with a sub-genre quite as easily as it might expect.”

“We want people to recognize the new creative direction we’re going with our music: an almost electronic type of genre merged with instrumental songwriting. One thing we like to experiment with is jamming on hip hop tracks just to see where it takes us, and doing that has helped us come up with some fresh new ideas for song structure, melody, and other things that we haven’t really ever experimented with before.

We find that this is a really good way of opening our ears to new realms of music writing. Coming up with catchy, memorable hooks is something we’ve been working hard to implement in our music. It feels good to be giving our fans and friends a new album that’s so emotionally charged and intellectually stimulating. It’s going to make people think things they’ve never thought, feel things they’ve never felt, and hopefully see that Polyphia is expanding in a way that we’re extremely passionate about.”

– Clay Gober (bassist)

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