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Issues premiere new single “Slow Me Down”

Issues premiere new single “Slow Me Down”


With just a little over a week before the release of their long-awaited sophomore album, Headspace, Issues have teamed up with Rolling Stone to release another new single off that album titled “Slow Me Down”.

Headspace is set for a May 20th release via Rise Records. Stream the single now below and check out what vocalist Tyler Carter had to say about the song.

“The song is about a woman who discovers her lover has been having a long term affair and goes off the deep end. She’s ultimately brought back to reality by the love and care of her devoted son. There’s a line in the song that goes, ‘My son, I gotta thank you for calling, not sure who I would be if you stopped looking out for me.’

I think that every family has that one person who’s always looking out for the others—their purpose in life is to provide and always be the rock for their family. The song was written musically as a piece for my guitar player AJ’s aunt who passed away. She was his best friend.”

– Tyler Carter (co-vocalist)

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