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Impending Doom Announces New EP ‘Hellbent’ + Releases New Single “Satanic Panic”

Impending Doom Announces New EP ‘Hellbent’ + Releases New Single “Satanic Panic”


Christian deathcore legends Impending Doom have finally returned with their first single in 3 years, titled “Satanic Panic”. The track comes alongside the announcement of a long-awaited 5-track EP titled ‘Hellbent’ the first of two eps that were recorded last winter, which releases via MNRK Music Group (formerly known as eOne) on January 12th, 2021. The song is also accompanied by an official music video, debuting the band’s newly built studio in Texas aptly titled the “Temple Of Doom”.

Mixed by Will Putney (Knocked Loose, END, The Ghost Inside), “Satanic Panic” is a devastating three-minute thrill ride full of punishing breakdowns and pulverizing grind riffs that hit unrelentingly as the track just gets more brutal as time elapses. Frontman Brook Reeves tackles his self-proclaimed role of a doomsday preacher head on with terrifying screams and visceral gutterals while calling out the elite class and occult abuse, warning of God’s impending final judgement.

Recorded in Los Angeles with audio engineer Joseph Callerio, ‘Hellbent’ is set to release with seething rage and sincere reverence, featuring blistering guitar riffage and blasting drums on every track, dripping with punishing incisiveness pushing Impending Doom’s instantly recognizable sound with a modern twist alongside fantastic cover art courtesy of Jim Pavelec.

Bassist David Sittig stated about the cover artwork,

“We’ve never done an EP before this, and we spent a lot of time writing the music on ‘Hellbent’. We don’t traditionally have many surprises with the art, but we wanted to try something different. We’ve used the same couple of guys to create art for us. But Jim had created this piece already, and we loved it so much that we reached out to him. He tweaked a few things for us, but he first made it on his own.”

Impending Doom’s new EP ‘Hellbent’ releases January 12th via MNRK Music Group. See the track list and cover art and watch the official music video for “Satanic Panic” below.

HellbentEP Track Listing:

  1. Satanic Panic
  2. New World Horror
  3. Culture Of Death
  4. Hellbent
  5. I Must End
‘Hellbent’ cover artwork. Credit: Jim Pavelec
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