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Imminence Unleash New Single “Ghost”

Imminence Unleash New Single “Ghost”


Swedish alternative metalcore act Imminence have dropped their third new single of 2021 off of their upcoming yet-to-be-announced album titled “Ghost”.

Ghost” follows up “Temptation” & “Heaven In Hiding”, two singles that have both quickly become the band’s fastest growing tracks to date. “Ghost” follows in the vein of the former, a driving, brutal metalcore track bursting of emotion and an instant chorus hook that will get stuck in the listeners head instantly. The track, much like “Temptation”, feels like the perfect sequel to the band’s magnum opus ‘Turn The Light On’, which released in early 2019.

The band has also released a music video for “Ghost,” a psychedelic and supernatural cinematic experience that flirts with the occult and explores the darkest corners of the mind, loosely connected to the previous single’s videos. The band has shown once again why they are one of the best and hardest working bands in all of metalcore, determined to top the already incredibly high bar they have set for themselves, investing the most time into video production that the band has before, artistically creating a new level of storytelling to connect the listener to the upcoming record.

Ghost” is likened to the band’s breakout single “The Sickness”, a hard-hitting, powerful track that also also features an unmistakable violin performance by frontman Eddie Berg. Guitarist Harald Barrett stated,

“‘Ghost‘ is a perfect example of how the creative flow in Imminence just knows no boundaries, we don’t follow trends or try to fit our art into a format; rather, we’re always eager to explore the unexpected.”

The new single was also recorded, mixed, and mastered in Sweden by Henrik Udd, known previously for productions heavyweights in the industry such as Bring Me The Horizon, At The Gates, & Architects.

You can watch the official music video for Imminence’s new single “Ghost” below via Arising Empire.

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