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I See Stars Return With Two Unexpected New Singles “Anomaly” & “Drift”

I See Stars Return With Two Unexpected New Singles “Anomaly” & “Drift”


I See Stars are back. Without any hesitation, prepare yourself. The electronicore four-piece have just released not one, but two brand new tracks “Anomaly” and “Drift”; their first bit of new music since their 2016’s ‘Treehouse’.

From electronic synths and djenty guitars to Devin Oliver’s insanely high range vocals the band delivers a blend of heavy, groovy and experimental madness.  Get ready because this might not be the last time we’ll see new I See Stars coming our way.

Speaking on “Anomaly”, frontman Devin Oliver said:

“This track always sticks with me long after it has finished and, in the end, leaves me feeling both exposed and empowered. Anomaly was created from self-reflection and introspection during a time in my life when I was in and out of the hospital for 2 years battling a rare neurological disorder that led to me to chronic physical pain, headaches, & depression. It’s a powerful reminder to me that the clock is ticking and we must live on our own terms, true to ourselves and our values while battling the feeling of despair that comes when the world seems to be working against you. For a while I was grappling with the regret that I might have missed my opportunity and would be sick forever. No matter what is happening in our lives the most difficult battles we fight are the ones within ourselves. We hope that anomaly is a reminder that when the universe tests you, staying true to yourself is always worth the struggle.”

When asked about “Drift”, Oliver also commented:

“[This song] nods to the concept of our upcoming album. This song was written to be bipolar by nature, giving you no choice but to surrender to the ebbs and flows of your thoughts and emotions, pulling you in and out of focus. This song highlights a newfound sense of clarity in the wheel that we all submit to. It continues to spin in and out of a dark trip that provokes as it forces us to explore the murky depths of our minds and uncharted territories of our own psyche.”

Stream “Anomaly” and “Drift” below.