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ERRA parts ways with vocalist

ERRA parts ways with vocalist


Sumerian Records band ERRA has announced they will be parting ways with vocalist Ian Eubanks after their upcoming tour supporting TesseracT and The Contortionist due to stress on his vocals from touring and recording. ERRA has also announced they already have recorded a new album with an unknown replacement vocalist. Vocalist Ian Eubanks will be taking a a break from music before returning to work on his solo material.

Check out ERRA’s official statement to fans below.

“Hey everyone, we’re sad to announce that the upcoming tour with Tesseract will be Ian’s last tour with the band. He’s had issues with hurting his voice, and we’re all legitimately concerned about him doing severe long-term damage to it by continuing to scream. This situation has been difficult for all of us, but it is absolutely being handled the correct way even if it isn’t the easiest way.

The good news is that we have already recorded our new album in its entirety with our new vocalist and have zero doubt in our minds that you guys will be very stoked about the results (more news on that in the coming months).

It’s been a tough year-and-a-half, what with all of the member changes, but I think these circumstances are the ultimate test as to whether or not these kinds of things hurt your band or make you better than before. I don’t think we could have possibly bounced out of this dilemma in a better way than we have. Genuinely, this is the most promising the band’s future has looked thus far and we are ecstatic for you guys to hear the evidence of that in the new album. We are super proud of it.

Thank you for your support, and please come out to the Tesseract tour to give a proper farewell to Ian in person!

– Jesse, Alex, Sean, & Ian



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