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Covet Release New Single “Firebird”; Announce New Album ‘Catharsis’

Covet Release New Single “Firebird”; Announce New Album ‘Catharsis’


Who can’t say no to the euphonious technical guitar sounds of our favorite instrumental math-rock group? Covet announces their new upcoming album ‘Catharsis’ available April 7th from Triple Crown Records. Pre-orders available here.

The mind blowing album artwork is painted by Covet’s very own Yvette Young. This isn’t only thing Covet has surprised with us today, their new exhilarating track “firebird” has just been released with the fanciest guitar sounds you will ever hear. Put on your dancing shoes because there’s going to be more grooving from Covet coming your way.

Speaking on the album, front-woman Yvette Young says-

“We did a lot of risk-taking on this album. I try to follow what excites me without heeding anybody’s expectations. I’m leaning into melodies, tones, and textures and trying to use them to transport listeners. The whole concept is escaping into a fantasy realm where the songs depict different characters and their own worlds. Each song is like their theme song. It’s mostly instrumental, but when you close your eyes, I hope people will be transported into the character’s story. Music has always been escapism for me and a great source of therapy. My hope for this music is that it will take people somewhere and stir their imaginations, or at the very least, make them feel something. I named this record ‘catharsis’ because the word to me feels like a triumphant exodus. No matter the dire circumstances, music is one of those things that I’ve always needed to create to survive (in all senses of the word), and time and time again, I turn to guitar and songwriting as my outlet to uplift and feel like I have control over something in this chaotic universe.”

Stream “firebird” and check out the full album track list below.

Track List:
1. coronal
2. firebird
3. bronco
4. vanquish
5. interlude
6. smolder
7. merlin
8. lovespell