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August Burns Red Experiments With Melodic Death Metal On New Single “Backfire”

August Burns Red Experiments With Melodic Death Metal On New Single “Backfire”


The GRAMMY-Nominated metalcore legends August Burns Red released a new single and music video today titled Backfire“. “Backfire” showcases a new side of the band, putting a melodeath spin on their signature metalcore sound, featuring a blistering guitar solo from bassist Dustin Davidson and some of Jake Luhrs‘ rawest screams to date. The song is the second single to be released off of their upcoming album ‘Death Below‘, following “Ancestry” which released back in November starring Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage fame. 

Both singles off of the new album explore previously uncharted territory for the band, blending new influences and more progressive stylings throughout. This is an especially notable evolution for ABR, as they are celebrating the 20th anniversary since their formation this year. ‘Death Below‘ also features guest spots from the aforementioned Jesse Leach, but as well as guitarist Jason Richardson, JT Cavey of ERRA, and Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath.

Discussing the new single, the band stated in a press release,

“‘Backfire‘ is song that musically is a punch in the face, and we wrote the lyrics to follow suit,” says ABR. “The song is about choosing who you follow wisely, and not allowing people you’ve never met to influence the decisions you make in life. ‘Backfire‘ ticks all the boxes when it comes to an ABR song.”

You can catch ABR on their 20th anniversary tour with special guests The Devil Wears Prada and Bleed From Within this spring on the tour dates below:

The official artwork and tracklisting for ‘Death Below‘:

Credit: Sharptone Records

“The Cleansing”
“Ancestry” (Feat. Jesse Leach)
“Tightrope” (Feat. Jason Richardson)
“Fool’s Gold in the Bear Trap”
“Dark Divide”
“The Abyss” (Feat. JT Cavey)
“Reckoning” (Feat. Spencer Chamberlain)

“Death Below’ releases March 24th via Sharptone Records. Watch the official music video above for “Backfire”.

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