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Best of 2015: Band of the Year

Best of 2015: Band of the Year


Bands are always changing. From new members, to new genres, to even a brand new band in the scene, there are always those who stand out from the rest. Whether they’re touring endlessly, putting out new music constantly, or winning over new fans, these were the bands of 2015 that made it a great year for everyone.

10. State Champs


“Flying under the radar as one of the finest outfits of 2015, State Champs put out their best record to date in Around the World and Back, quite rightly selected among many critic album of the year lists. Destroying massive support slots with 5 Seconds of Summer and All Time Low, the band are one of the best in adapting older styles of rock music (turn-of-the-millennium pop punk) into new shapes that can appeal to those beyond the immediate listener base of the scene. They’re a serious contender for best pop punk band of 2015.” –Michael Bird

9. Neck Deep


Finally out with a second full length album, Neck Deep showed everyone they are a perfect example of modern pop punk. Although they experienced a bit of controversy earlier in 2015, they didn’t let that stop them from moving forward. They dealt with it professionally and have moved on since. Starting out small, Neck Deep has grown since and it’s obvious to see they will only become bigger.” -Alex Lizette

8. August Burns Red

August Burns Red 2015 2

It’s important to note that ABR are one of the most consistently faithful metalcore acts. Never have they attempted a jump to radio or a change of sound. Instead, they’ve honed in on the musicians’ wide array of abilities and added new depth to each subsequent release. ‘Found In Far Away Places’ was such a focused record that one of its singles, the radical ‘Identity’ is being nominated for a Grammy. It’s about time this band earns some recognition by the mainstream for being themselves, award or not. The nomination alone is a cause for worthy of celebration. For one of America’s most hard-working bands this is just a deserved royalty.”  -Matthew Powers

7. Ice Nine Kills

Ice Nine Kills

While INK haven’t made it far outside the confines of their post-hardcore and metalcore touring bills they are deserving of immense recognition for their workmanship and ambition. “Every Trick In The Book”, an album filled to the brim with depth and substantial content based off beloved literature, should very well be the album that breaks them out and lets them loose upon more corners of the world. Their hard work has not gone unnoticed, however. When the band weren’t recording, they were touring or promoting. This is one band who knows humility and the importance of persistence. If music is to be viewed as a business then INK are one of its most savvy and creative groups of businessmen.” -Matthew Powers

6. Beartooth


A freight train with no intentions of stopping is the best way to describe this explosive hardcore outfit. An infection spreading across the land, everyone and their second cousin twice removed are hopping on the fanbus for the ‘Tooth, and for good reason. Massive crowd-uniting sing-alongs, a sound rooted in old-school hardcore punk and a love for chaos make Beartooth an incredible live show and a constantly energizing listen. Frontman Caleb Shomo’s bravado is just the icing on the cake.” -Matthew Powers

5. All Time Low


With two headlining tours with multiple legs, including Canada and the UK, and new album since 2012, All Time Low wooed their fans. This entire year was a year full of accomplishments and nonstop work, especially with such a dedicated fan base.” -Alex Lizette



“After putting out one of the year’s best debut albums at the tail end of 2014, PVRIS only got stronger over the last twelve months with some brilliant live shows and singles getting increasingly more attention. Lynn Gunn has become recognised as one of the most unorthodox but captivating front-women of recent years, a far cry from the myriad Hayley Williams clones, but the band as a whole are a brilliant unified contingent with a unique sound. Reading 2015 saw them unexpectedly become one of the weekend’s big talking points, packing out the rock tent. With the Wintour alongside Fall Out Boy and Awolnation, as well as a UK headline run for which many of the venues have been upgraded, confirmed for next year, PVRIS have truly established themselves in 2015.” -Michael Bird


3.Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria 2015

What could have potentially been the tombstone for Asking Alexandria’s career ended up instead being a fiery comeback. Denis Stoff, formerly of Sumerian labelmates Down & Dirty, underwent a massive and inspiring transition from fan to frontman of his favorite band when the iconic Danny Worsnop packed his bags and headed out for a new venture. The band returned from six month hiatus in a big way, pretty much exclusively headlining Warped Tour both here in the west and overseas in the UK, releasing 2 hugely successful and iconic new singles and topped it all off by unveiling their most graphically jaw-dropping album artwork to date for their highly-anticipated new album “The Black”. 2016 could be the year we see them here again, in the top spot.” -Matthew Powers

2. Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots

“2015 was a big year for Twenty One Pilots. They released a new album, gained more fans, and will begin doing arena tours.The craze for these two musicians is outrageous and it will only continue to grow. With now having their music being played on the radio as well, one might begin to think they’ll just become sellouts, but their real fans know that’s impossible. Twenty One Pilots stand for something more in the music industry. They don’t fall into the trap of producing what will sell, but instead, of what will appeal to their audience. They made a huge impact on 2015, and it’s obvious they’ll make 2016 even better.” -Alex Lizette

1. Bring Me The Horizon


“Arriving out of nowhere and destroying charts the world over, That’s the Spirit was the equivalent of the Black Album for a band that have long reigned as kings of the metalcore scene, but are now drawing the attention of many many more people with a collection of music more accessible, but equally as daring, as any of their back catalogue. The shows that have come in the album’s wake have been some of the biggest of the group’s career so far, including a direct support slot to Metallica at Reading & Leeds that almost saw them blow the biggest band in metal history off the stage. Flying the flag for the UK and rock music in 2015, Bring Me the Horizon are bigger and better than ever.” -Michael Bird

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