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10 (Throwback) Songs To Add To Your Playlist This Fall

10 (Throwback) Songs To Add To Your Playlist This Fall


Through the years, some bands are fortunate enough to stand the test of time while others simply fade away. With the changes of the seasons, it typically brings an entire new cycle of albums from all of our favorite bands. But while fans are consistently presented with new music, there is nothing better than the classics. These are the 10 (Throwback) Songs To Add To Your Playlist This Fall.


  1. From Autumn To Ashes – Daylight Slavings
    “In 2007, From Autumn To Ashes released their album “Holding A Wolf By The Ears”. Shortly after the band announced their breakup. Being a personal fan, trying to purchase this rare album would’ve cost $40 if it wasn’t for the CD store by my house giving me the find of my life for $6.”

  2. Blessthefall – Rise Up
    “Before the days of Beau Bokan, there was this vocalist you may have heard of named Craig Mabbitt. The signature album and only Blessthefall album with Mabbitt as vocalist, “His Last Walk” remained on repeat for days at a time.”

  3. A Skylit Drive – Wires and The Concept Of Breathing
    “One of the trademark bands to take over the scene in the late 2000’s, A Skylit Drive is still captivating the attention of fans everywhere. Nearly releasing a new album each year, they haven’t lost their touch.”

  4. This Romantic Tragedy – Imagine
    “A band with a lot of promise that one day disappeared, This Romantic Tragedy was a viral sensation with their hit single “The Worst Part Is Waking Up”. Their recently deleted Facebook page leaves us with little hope that they will one day release new music.”

  5. My Ticket Home – Refuge In Purpose
    “In 2010, Rise Records dropped a bomb on the music industry. The unique outfit from Columbus Ohio known as My Ticket Home, released one of the best EPs to date.”

  6. Panic! At The Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies 
    “Can you believe that Panic! At The Disco’s hit single “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” is over ten years old? It doesn’t matter though, this timeless song will have your friends signing the words every time it comes on.”

  7. Armor For Sleep – Car Underwater
    “Surprising the scene by a short return in 2015, we will never forget the impact Armor For Sleep made. With time comes change, sadly some of the best bands hang it up for good at some point.”

  8. Hawthorne Heights – Sandpaper And Silk
    “Middle school wouldn’t have been the same without Hawthorne Heights. The fact that they are still releasing (amazing) music to this day, shows how influential they truly are as musicians.”

  9. Transit – Long Lost Friends
    “Another band to hang it up recently is Transit, but not before releasing some of the best pop punk albums to date. Their album “Listen And Forgive” just captures the essence of what fall is all about.”

  10. Our Last Night – Escape
    “Before Our Last Night become nationally known for consistently releasing music and some of the best covers on the internet, the caught the attention of music fans everywhere with their classic single “Escape”. Still to this day, this song has one of the best breakdowns.”