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10 Bands That Deserve To Play Vans Warped Tour In 2017

10 Bands That Deserve To Play Vans Warped Tour In 2017


Though it may seem like Vans Warped Tour just ended, it’s that time of the year where rumors begin to fly. The bands that want to play the summer festival begin sharing the survey asking fans who they want to see. This is all in hopes of earning a spot on one of the many stages that will travel across the United States next year hitting over forty different cities. The largest traveling music festival will be entering its 22nd year in 2017. With the consistent change in music, we are going to give you our 10 Bands That Deserve To Play Vans Warped Tour In 2017.


10 Bands That Deserve To Play Vans Warped Tour In 2017

10. Ghost Key
Aggressive, the best way to describe the hardcore outfit from Illinois. Consistently touring over the years and building a name for themselves, Ghost Key would be the next big hardcore band after a summer on Vans Warped Tour.

9. Myka Relocate
After the release of their ground breaking album “The Young Souls”, Myka Relocate has been riding the success into an ever growing fan base.

8. Dance Gavin Dance
Just whenever you think Dance Gavin Dance couldn’t make a better album than Downtown Battle Mountain, they just released their new (And very promising) album “Mothership” via Rise Records on October 7th. 

7. Knockout Kid
With the release of their new album “Manic” out via Bullet Tooth Records, the band is reviving easy-core one breakdown at a time.

6. Shoot The Girl First
Reinventing their sound with the addition of new front man, Alex Sayti, Shoot The Girl First is ready to take the next step. Someone get this band to America. 

5. Capsize
Melodic hardcore is their specialty and there’s no doubt that Capsize would be out of place on the Monster Energy stage in 2017.

4. Sylar
The release of their second album “Help!”, Sylar is making an impact. Evolving their sound with each release, the energy this band would bring to Vans Warped Tour would be unmatched.

3. Capture The Crown
Its safe to say that after the release of their latest single “The Lake”, that Capture The Crown is at their strongest yet. Speculating an upcoming album in the next few months, this band would fit perfectly on the tour.

2. Bad Omens
New comers to the scene, Bad Omens will be embarking on some of the biggest tours of 2016. But with the release of one of the most unique albums of the year, we can only hope Kevin and company can find a spot for them in 2017. 

1. The Ghost Inside
In November of 2015, tragedy struck as The Ghost Inside were involved with a bus crash that would change their lives forever. Being a band filled with members driven by integrity and compassion, there’s no one more deserving than The Ghost Inside to play Vans Warped Tour in 2017. With the announcement made in March of this year, it was made official that the band will be playing the entire tour next summer, respectfully so.