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Ah yes, 2015, the year of some of the most iconic pop-punk and metalcore releases of not just the year, but have gone down in history for being some of the most iconic of all time. Ranging from shoegaze influences thrown into the pop punk world, to one of the most controversial album releases in the scene, let’s see who made the cut for CaliberTV’s top albums of 2015.


  • Northlane- ‘Node’

Northlane’s July 2015 release Node’ didn’t make it onto the top 10, however with the amount of juicy breakdowns, crisp production, badass vocals & screams, (talking about you “Rot” & “Soma”) it earned itself an honorable mention for sure!

  • All Time Low- ‘Future Hearts’

Pop-punk pioneers All Time Low’s April 2015 release of their album ‘Future Hearts’ also earned itself an honorable mention for the best albums of 2015, giving us the classic old school, mid 2000s Pop-punk sound we all grew up with and love. The record features 13 tracks, with some iconic bops like the acoustic ballad “Missing You”, “Cinderblock Garden”, and “Something’s Gotta Give” being included on this release. It was only right that ‘Future Hearts’ got a bit of love too!


10. State Champs- ‘Around the World And Back’

Kicking off our list is Upstate New York’s very own State Champs with their album ‘Around the World And Back’. The pop-punk group was launched into the mainstream of the scene with this album, which includes some of their most iconic tracks of all time including “Secrets”, “All You Are is History” , “Losing Myself”, and of course “Around the World and Back”. Considering the impact this release had on the success of State Champs (Warped Tour Journey’s stage was a hell of an experience with these guys on it) , it was without a doubt thatAround the World And Back’ made it on this list.

9. Knuckle Puck- ‘Copacetic’

2015 was quite the year for Pop-punk releases in the scene, but it was without a doubt that of all of them Knuckle Puck’sCopacetic’ was amongst one of the best releases in the realm of Pop-punk in ages. While it didn’t get as much attention as other releases did, the Chicago-native’s release of Copacetic’ features fantastic overall production and absolutely beautifully executed lyrics that can be deemed as truly timeless. With tracks like “Pretense”, “Disdain”, and of course the amazing 7 minute track “Untitled”, Knuckle Puck’s Copacetic’ landed itself a spot on the list. After all, are you really pop punk if you don’t scream Silhouettes on the ceiling I’ve been much better but at least I’m healing, you know I haven’t slept since you left but for me that’s progress, For me that’s progress” as loud as you can?

8. Ice Nine Kills- ‘Every Trick in the Book’

Boston-based metalcore band Ice Nine Kills released their fourth full length album (their first with Fearless Records)Every Trick in the Book’ in December of 2015, and out of every album on this list, this record is by far the coolest on it. The album features a total of ten tracks, each of them being inspired by a piece of literature within the genre of horror. For example, “Communion of the Cursed” is inspired by the 1971 novel ‘The Exorcist’, “Hell in the Hallways” is inspired by Stephen King’s 1974 novel ‘Carrie’, and “Bloodbath & Beyond” is inspired by Bram Stoker’s 1897 classic ‘Dracula’. Comparing this absolutely iconic concept with haunting vocals, killer instrumentals, and spooky use of sampling in the overall production of the album, it was a no brainer that Ice Nine Kills ‘Every Trick in the Book’ made the cut as one of the best albums of the year.

7. Wage War- ‘Blueprints’

Florida metalcore powerhouses Wage War dropped their freshman albumBlueprints’ in November of 2015 and it was proof that this group was a force to be reckoned with from the very start. The group, who signed with Fearless Records in 2015 made their mark on this record with dope vocals, screams, stellar instrumentals, sick breakdowns, and all the BLEGH’s you could ask for. Wage War truly came roaring out of the gates with this album, and for that it landed a spot as one of the best releases of 2015.

6. Myka, Relocate- ‘The Young Souls’

Calling all scene kids, this one’s for you

Texas metalcore band Myka, Relocate released their last album in October of  2015, The Young Souls’, one of two albums ever released, and made its way onto our list because quite honestly, this whole album STILL goes hard after five years. Every single track is one banger after another, with sick production effects layered with badass breakdowns, crisp screams, and clean vocals that are criminally underrated in the metalcore scene. The intro track to the album “Hide the Truth” with the second track “Bring You Home” set the tone as one of the best beginnings to an album on the entirety of this list. It was safe to say that Myka Relocate’s ‘The Young Souls’ earned itself a spot on this list.

5. The Plot in You- ‘Happiness in Self Destruction’

Metalcore icons The Plot in You released their album Happiness in Self Destruction’ back in October of 2015, and this is another album that just does not have a single miss. Every single track hits harder than the next. “Die Like Your Brothers” alone is one of the sickest tracks on this entire list along with “Living Your Dream”, but every single track on this album is in your face with some seriously zesty riffs, sick effects, chest-pounding vocals, and overall killer breakdowns which landed it a spot in the top five of our best albums of 2015! This album will never be… washed up. *ba dm tssss*

4. Turnover- ‘Peripheral Vision’

Metalcore, Pop-punk… Shoegaze? The top albums of 2015 would not be complete without including the incredible release ofPeripheral Vision’ by Virginia native Alt rock group Turnover. This record is probably the most different of any album included on any of the lists so far, because while Turnover technically was considered to have been in the realm of “Pop-punk” with their first album ‘Magnolia’ in 2013 and self-titled EP in 2011, the band seemingly rebranded and gave the scene world a whole entire new sound that whether or not you’re a metalcore, pop-punk, indie, or “anything in between” person, you liked at least three tracks off of this record. The album has no skips…at all; with each track flowing into the other seamlessly. The album, which features their smash hit “Dizzy on the Comedown” gives us very shoegaze, dream-pop vibes that work in every way possible. Peripheral Vision’ still reigns supreme as one of Turnover’s best albums to date, earning it a spot on the 2015 list!

3. Neck Deep- ‘Life’s Not Out to Get You’

Perhaps one of the most iconic Pop-punk releases of the 2010’s, Neck Deep’s August 2015 release Life’s Not Out to Get You’ launched the UK group to the mainstream— and it was well deserved. Their singles “Can’t Kick Up the Roots”, and “Gold Steps” were reflections of the album as a whole, which features fun, fast paced, bouncy riffs paired with screamable, crowdsurfable, finger-point-able lyrics that deal with themes of heartbreak and mental health, that couple seamlessly with lead singer Ben Barlow’s vocals. A Pop-punk album wouldn’t be complete, however, without a sad acoustic track, but never fear! When it comes to the Neck Deep guys, they made sure to give us the perfect Pop punk record by finishing off the album with the now legendary “December”. If you’re in the scene, you know at least two lines from that track, I don’t make the rules. In fact, the track got so popular that in 2016, the group re-released “December”, with features from Dashboard Confessional’s very own Chris Cacarrabba and “December (Again)”, featuring none other than the absolutely legendary Mark Hoppus of Blink 182. Needless to say this flawless and now iconic album landed itself in the top 3 on Caliber’s top 2015 albums.

2. Dance Gavin Dance- ‘Instant Gratification’

Sacramento-natives Dance Gavin Dance turned the scene on it’s head with the April 2015 release of their album Instant Gratification’— and with damn good reason. The Post-hardcore quintet showed the scene a very progressive rock style to the band that we had yet to see, and my god did it leave a mark. Lead vocalist Tilian Pearson proved himself to be arguably one of the best vocalists in the scene, even five years after the release of this record. The opening track on the album, “We Own The Night” opens the album astonishingly, and at the risk of sounding like a cringy 2015 kid on the internet- it’s epic. The whole record is, honestly. Besides the incredible vocals, the instrumentals are super technical, unique and keep the album incredibly interesting. Every track is a surprise, and you find yourself picking up on new aspects with every re-listen. The production of the album is impeccable, adding to the explosiveness of it overall. It was only right that Dance Gavin Dance’s Instant Gratification’ is the runner up as the best album of 2015.

1. Bring Me The Horizon – ‘That’s The Spirit’

Coming in at number one on the list of best albums in 2015, is without surprise, Bring Me the Horizon’s September 2015 release,That’s the Spirit’. Now we know, this may be controversial; but no matter how you feel about this one, whether it’s one your favorite albums of all time and you have that little umbrella tattooed somewhere on you, or you hated everything about it and “you just miss when they were like Count Your Blessings’, or you’re one of those “their last good release was Sempiternal’” people; That’s the Spirit’ was one of the most talked about releases of 2015, by far. While it gets some heat, the 11-track album grossed 55,000 sales in the first week and is currently certified Gold in the UK. It also gave us the smash hit “Drown”, which, whether you want to admit it or not, you definitely love, or loved at some point in the past five years. The album overall is wonderfully executed, with Oli Sykes’ unmistakeable  (although mainly clean) vocals, striking production and effects, catchy lyrics that strike like daggers, and instrumentals that SLAP (even though it wasn’t exactly a “Chelsea Smile” vibe). Bring me the Horizon brought a refreshing rebrand to the scene with That’s The Spirit’, and with an album this controversial, it was without question that it takes the crown at being the most iconic album of 2015.

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