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While summer 2020 may have been a total bust, music (thankfully) hasn’t come to a complete halt- in fact, quite the opposite. A lot of our favorite artists, from Neck Deep to Spiritbox took time to drop some absolute bangers. After thinking long and hard, we came up with a list of the top 10 contenders for “song of the summer” in the scene this year!

PVRIS – “Gimme a Minute”

Alternative rock band PVRIS dropped their single “Gimme a Minute” earlier this year, and it without a doubt made the cut for song of the summer contender. On this track, PVRIS is badass as ever, giving us all the electro-pop rock vibes that’ll guarantee to have you jamming to all summer long.

All Time Low – “Getaway Green”

Pop punk pioneers All Time Low dropped their newest album Wake Up, Sunshine back in April, and needless to say it did not disappoint. The track “Getaway Green” perfectly captures the nostalgic Warped Tour summers we’re all dreaming of so naturally, it landed a spot on our top 10 contenders for song of the summer list. Credit to the icons where it’s due!

Stand Atlantic – “Shh!”

Alternative pop-rock band Stand Atlantic dropped their song “Shh!” earlier this year, and to be honest, it just slaps. The song has the pop influences we all crave in the summertime with a tinge of that pop punk flair that’ll be sure to be making playlists for many years to come.

Eskimo Callboy – “Hypa Hypa”

German metalcore band Eskimo Callboy’s “Hypa Hypa” is sure to get you just that: Hypa Hypa. This song, which only dropped back in June of 2020, has completely taken over the metalcore scene with this outrageously good BOP. The song, which has inklings of early 2000’s myspace scene vibes, dives into insane instrumentals, sick vocals, and a song that makes for a good time overall landing it on our contenders list!

Knuckle Puck – “RSVP”

Pop Punk babes Knuckle Puck put out their single “RSVP” right in time for summer, landing it a spot on our list! Knuckle Puck is well known for being one of the few bands in the scene keeping the nostalgic pop punk style alive. This is one that you’ll be “angry finger pointing” to on your drive home from the beach with your homies for sure!

State Champs – “10 AM (Acoustic)”

State Champs acoustic bop “10 AM” takes us to the sad side of summer. It’s sure to give you ALL the feels on those hot, lonely summer days, and sometimes that is exactly what we need (and that’s okay). Steez and the guys dropped the emo heartbreak anthem of the summer, landing it on our contenders list.

Bring Me the Horizon – “Parasite Eve”

Although Bring me the Horizon’s “Parasite Eve” isn’t the “heavy” banger we were all expecting, it still goes hard as hell. The newest release is yet another fresh take on the band’s forever changing sound, and as always, it did not disappoint. “Parasite Eve” is giving us the alternative metal fill that we were missing this summer, which makes it a song of the summer contender!

The Neighbourhood – “Cherry Flavoured”

When we think of soundtracks to summer, our indie rock hearts will always trace back to The Neighbourhood. The group’s new release, “Cherry Flavoured”, which dropped at the end of July, is no exception. Between the dream pop influences and Jesse Rutherford’s forever distinctive and iconic vocals, the summer vibes go crazy with this one, which is only fitting that it makes it on the list as one of our favorite contenders.

Neck Deep – “When You Know”

Welsh pop punk group Neck Deep dropped their single “When You Know” at the start of summer, and the song features lyrics that’ll make you want to fall in love even if you thought you didn’t. The adorable lyrics, coupled with the upbeat, summertime pop punk vibe make for a perfect summer banger! The single comes off the band’s newest album release All Distortions are Intentional, which also features some honorable mentions of the summertime bop caliber!

Spiritbox – “Holy Roller”

Alright, things Spiritbox did: THAT.
Back in July, Spiritbox dropped one of the dopest releases of 2020 so far; “Holy Roller”. The Vancouver metal band managed to release a single that is a solid 10/10 from every aspect. From lyrics, vocals (which are female led and totally badass), distinctive effects and instruments as well as overall production quality, everything ties together beautifully and is, in simple terms, flawless. This list would not be complete without it being included, which is why it’s up for song of the summer.

What do you think the song of the summer is? Leave a comment and let us know!

Gina Lymberopoulos 23 | Queens, NY Never left my middle school emo phase | Lover of carhartt beanies & all things palm muted.