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GALLERY: ‘The Below’ Tour Part II Featuring Beartooth, Silverstein, & The Devil Wears Prada – San Jose, CA – 4.3.22

GALLERY: ‘The Below’ Tour Part II Featuring Beartooth, Silverstein, & The Devil Wears Prada – San Jose, CA – 4.3.22


Following up with a sequel to their highly successful 2021 tour, Beartooth have returned to the Bay Area with part 2 of ‘The Below’ Tour.

The tour, also featuring Silverstein, The Devil Wears Prada, and ERRA, made its way to San Jose Civic in San Jose, CA. Check out a full gallery of the night below. Photos by photographer Alfredo Preciado (Instagram).

Due to unexpected issues, ERRA was unfortunately unable to make it to the show.

The Devil Wears Prada

Kicking the night off, The Devil Wears Prada took the stage opening with their latest single “Watchtower” before throwing it way back with “Danger: Wildman”. 

The band’s set list featured newer tracks such as “Termination” from ‘ZII’, “Chemical” from ‘The Act’, and their late 2021 single “Sacrifice”. The Devil Wears Prada ended their set performing one of their oldest tracks “Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over”.


Next up was Silverstein. Opening up with “Bad Habits”, the lead single from their 2020 album ‘A Beautiful Place To Drown’, the energy in the room picked up immediately. With Silverstein set to release their upcoming album ‘Misery Made Me’ on May 6 via UNFD, the band also treated fans with performances of their newest singles “Bankrupt”, “Ultraviolet”, and “It’s Over”. 

Silverstein also performed their fan favorite tracks such as “My Heroine”, “Smashed Into Pieces”, “Massachusetts”, and closed their set with a performance of “Smile In Your Sleep” with guest appearances by TDWP’s Mike Hranica and Beartooth’s Caleb Shomo.


After a crowd singalong of “TNT” by the legendary AC/DC, the lights were cut. A demonic voice was heard over the speakers welcoming San Jose to “the below”. Silhouettes could be seen through the large white kabuki curtain which covered the entire stage. A larger than life shadowy figure also appeared as the voice commanded those in the room to put their hands up. Frontman Caleb Shomo screams “six hundred sixty-six feet in my hell below” as the curtain drops, the confetti cannons fire, and the band erupts into a performance of the title track of their latest album ‘Below’. 

The 17 song set list covered performances of every previous album in the band’s discography while also sprinkling in performances of the band’s newest tracks all the way through. Early classics such as “Aggressive”, “Hated”, “Body Bag”, “The Lines”, and “Beaten In Lips” filled up most of the first half of the set while also featuring new ‘Below’ tracks such as “Devastation”, “Fed Up”, “Skin” and “Phantom Pain”. The latter half of the set heavily featured performances of the band’s previous album ‘Disease’ such as “You Never Know”, “Bad Listener”, and the title track “Disease”. 

Closing their set with “In Between”, the band exited the stage only to be called back immediately with a thunderous “Beartooth” chant from the crowd. “All you gotta do is say the word,” Shomo said into the mic as he walked back on stage for their final performance of “The Past Is Dead” and their grand finale, “The Last Riff”.

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Alfredo Preciado Founder & Co-Operator of CaliberTV. I film your favorite live concert videos on YouTube.