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Dear G-D… 10 Year Anniversary Tour – Being As An Ocean, Capstan, LIMBS, & Erabella – Chicago, IL – 1.21.22

Sarah Eckstine
To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their album ‘Dear G-D…,’ Being As An Ocean embarked on a month long winter tour earlier this month. The California group played almost all of the tracks from their debut album, ending the night with the all-time favorite ‘The Hardest Part Is Forgetting Those You Swore You Would […]

Isolation 10 Year Anniversary Set – Harm’s Way, Vein.fm, & Fleshwater – Chicago, IL – 12.19.21

Sarah Eckstine
To commemorate the 10 year anniversary of their album ‘Isolation,’ Harm’s Way played a special set in their hometown of Chicago, Illinois this past weekend. The native group played the entirety of the album, as well as other top tracks from their discography. The sold out show also welcomed Vein.fm back to the stage, their first […]