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Around The World And Back Tour – Baltimore, MD – 5.7.17

Around The World And Back Tour – Baltimore, MD – 5.7.17


Baltimore Soundstage hosts yet another tour as State Champs embarks on their Around The World and Back Tour featuring Against The Current, With Confidence, and Don Broco as support for the night.  Check out the gallery below as our photographer Luis Rosales was there for this tour.


Coming all the way from the UK, Don Broco stepped on stage to start off the night. They immediately had technical difficulties with the mic not working for what seemed like they forgot to check it before show. But the crew jumped on that problem quickly getting Rob Damiani back in his rhythm. The band had a very flashy production to match their rock mixed with funk sounds. For the beginning of the set. Rob jumped on the barricade to let fans know what he’s all about. They played a fairly short set which lasted about 30 minutes to let the next act get on their way.


Up next was With Confidence as they reminded us that they were on last years Warped Tour for those who didn’t know or missed them. But they clearly had a following with the venue filling near capacity. After their fourth song had ended, guitarist Luke Rockets admitted to the crowd that his amp blew so they took a hiatus to that fixed as the rest of the band jammed to some smooth jazz. During that quick fix, the band debut a song that they never played in the U.S. called “Long Nights” and fans went absolutely crazy pulling out their phones to record this song along. After they had fixed the amp issue, they went off with the remaining songs they had, making the whole floor jump up and down to the beat and crowd surfers going up every couple of seconds. With Confidence played a great half an hour set as they got everyone ready for Against the Current.


Against The Current was up next in the bill as they prepared an energetic 9 songs for the next 40 minutes. The band prepped the stage with smoke and used the light bars heavily that added effect to the production with the already impressive lighting. Singer Chrissy Costanza had brought out her riser give her that extra sense of power with her singing. Her vocals were flawless the entire night m, hitting every note perfectly with ease. She’s one of few artist that sounds just as good or even better live than recording.  The band gave a very powerful performance throughout the entire night making fans scream along to the lyrics, jump to the beat and dance the night away.


For the main event, State Champs took the stage next with their extremely bright production and smoke filled stage. This was the moment what security warned us about, all the crowd surfers that were flying up like a war zone. But with that energy it’s hard to blame fans for wanting to get wild. They kicked it off immediately with “Remedy,” “Losing Myself,” and “Shape Up” which was an absolute amazing way to start off the long night State Champs was giving Baltimore. During their set, they played a brief acoustic set with singer Chrissy from Against The Current. After the one song, State Champs got back into the rhythm and fans got rowdy again. They kept this high pace show the entire night consistently for an amazing show. If you get the chance to catch this current tour in your city, do yourself a favor and go, you will not be disappointed at all.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.