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We Will Detonate Tour – Silver Spring, MD – 5.3.17

We Will Detonate Tour – Silver Spring, MD – 5.3.17


The Fillmore Silver Spring, MD hosts yet another monumental tour with some of the scene’s biggest name, Pierce The Veil, Sum 41, Emarosa, and Chapel made their way as part of the We Will Detonate Tour presented by Loudwire.  As fans lined lined up around the block to catch their favorite bands, our photographer Luis Rosales had the opportunity to capture every moment of the night in the gallery below.


Up first for the night, the duo Chapel took stage as they played the few songs they have in their arsenal but those song were all they need to make an impression. Drummer Kortney was very animate throughout the performance guitarist/vocals Carter held it down on his side of the stage as it was amazing seeing that big of a sound come from only the two of them. After about 20 mins, it was time for the duo to call it night and get set up for the next band.


Known for having one the most active frontman around, Emarosa wasted no time getting things started as Bradley immediately jumped into the crowd as crew members struggled to keep up with him as he kept getting lost in the sea of people. Once on stage, Bradley kept the intimacy up by having the crowd sing along as he taught them the words and waving their arms side to side as well. Production for their set was sufficient as there was plenty of light for fans to see of their favorite singer on and off the stage. Emarosa had a big applause at the end as they threw drum sticks as parting gifts for the night.


If you know anything about the pop punk era, then you know about Sum 41 and their ability to put on an amazing show and tonight was no different. From the spectacular lights to the smoke being blown in front, everything about this show was flawless. During the show, Deryck asked the house to turn down the lights so that everyone can take their phones out and use their flash to light up the stage for a beautiful spectacle. Throughout their set, the band played numerous covers such as “Master of Puppets” and “We Will Rock You” which the fans reacted very excited for. From the fan’s side of things, crowd surfing was coming from all corners of the venue, from the young to to older fans. To close out the night, Sum 41 played “Fat Lip” as the intensity went through the roof and Deryck’s final words for the set was “bye bye” and walked off stage.


Ending the night, Pierce The Veil started their night with a white sheet hanging at the front the stage with a projection with their logo lit across the front. They opened up with “Texas is Forever” and “Bulls in the Bronx” with fans singing every single word. Production was nothing less than perfection with LED panels in the back, smoke cannons, and even a little pyro in the back as well for added effects. Towards the middle of their performance, Vic Fuentes had an acoustic set of the song “Issues” with a single spotlight shining on him. The full band continued with the acoustic set with “Stay Away From My Friends” with a projection of a night sky in the back that added a magical feel to the set. Pierce the Veil went back to their heavier stuff with “Dive In” as fans screamed uncontrollably as Vic got off stage to sing to fans on the barricade. Right as the chorus hit, the first confetti blast hit to grab everyone’s attention. It seemed like for every breakdown, Jaime went off with his jumps and kicks. The band was so extravagant that they had almost everyone in the room jump at the same time that it shook the floor. Pierce the Veil ended their main set “Circles” and ended their night with “Hold On Till May” and “King for a Day” which are fan favorites.

Luis Rosales 25 | Concert & Portrait photographer in Sacramento, CA.